2024 Grammys Boom in Ratings: Triumphs, Surprises Break COVID Curse and Reignite Music Industry

2024 Grammys Boom in Ratings: Triumphs, Surprises Break COVID Curse and Reignite Music Industry
2024 Grammys Boom in Ratings: Triumphs, Surprises Break COVID Curse and Reignite Music Industry
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In an unforeseen surge of viewership, the 2024 Grammy Awards, reigned the airwaves, recording an unprecedented influx of engagement since the COVID pandemic struck in 2020. CBS registered a total of 17 million viewers on Sunday’s historic 66th annual awards ceremony’s final same-day ratings, as pointed out by the Hollywood Reporter, signifying a massive increase of 36% compared to the 12.55 million viewers in 2023. In what can be described as a marked triumph in television history, the awards show also gained a 40% uptick in the 18-49 age bracket, significantly overshadowing performances from the preceding year.

This boost does not factor in the multitude who tuned in digitally on Paramount+ as live viewership astonishingly escalated by an unparalleled 173% compared to previous years. The night was studded with an array of unexpected revelations, including an awe-inspiring reentry into the limelight by Tracy Chapman, who collaborated with Luke Combs on her classic hit ‘Fast Car’. The duo took the audience by storm, with Combs’ gritty rendition of the song setting the charts on fire back in 2023.

There were laurels for Miley Cyrus too, who registered not one but two Grammy awards for her song ‘Flowers’ which captured Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year, consecutively. Something that had eluded her for a while was now held triumphantly in both hands; a watershed moment in Miley’s musical journey.

The spectacle wasn’t devoid of emotional moments either. Celine Dion, the Grammy-winner who had to abort her world tour following an unfortunate diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome (SPS), graced the stage and was greeted with a riveting standing ovation. The 55-year-old pop diva highlighted the profound impact of music, attributing her presence there to the very love for the craft she expressed.

What followed was a paradigm shift in Grammy’s illustrious history when Taylor Swift became the inaugural artist to clinch Album of the Year for an exceptional fourth time with her latest, “Midnights,” also scooping the Best Pop Vocal Album.

Reflecting in parallel to a rebound of the 2024 Golden Globes viewership, which too saw its ratings soar by half since 2020, this newfound vigor in the Grammys extends hope for a rejuvenated future of the music industry. It’s evident that despite the myriad setbacks during the pandemic, music finds a way to permeate the global social fabric, something that was lost in recent years.

As we wrap this exciting coverage, Sunday’s resounding success illuminates the enduring power of music and is a testament to our collective resilience during challenging times. This resurgence punctuates an essential revival, not just for the Grammy’s esteemed legacy but a symbol of a global community rallying back towards normalcy. It underlines that even in the face of adversity, human spirit, like music, continues to resonate, inspire, and triumph.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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