You Won’t Believe the Shocking Highs and Lows from MRC’s Graham at the House NPR Hearing!

You Won't Believe the Shocking Highs and Lows from MRC's Graham at the House NPR Hearing!
You Won't Believe the Shocking Highs and Lows from MRC's Graham at the House NPR Hearing!
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Tim Graham, the executive editor of Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, recently addressed the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee regarding the profound bias in National Public Radio (NPR). He was not short on instances of how NPR consistently expresses disdain for conservative viewpoints.

Along with others including Joe Erwin of the Americans for Tax Reform, Howard Husock from the American Enterprise Institute, and the co-CEO of the Free Press, Craig Aaron, Graham faced questions from lawmakers. Predictably, Republicans were open to acknowledging the issue, while Democrats not only refused to face reality but also accused NPR’s critics of endangering the lives of journalists.

Graham’s opening statement laid out instances going back to the 1980s when NPR showed blatant partiality. He pointed out that media bias was an issue long before Donald Trump and used cases such as the Douglas Ginsburg nomination and the Brett Kavanaugh accusation as instances. Graham also highlighted that NPR had completely disregarded a significant threat against Kavanaugh, indicating their utter lack of concern for potential political violence.

A glaring example of NPR’s bias came to light in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential election when they dismissed the story about Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop as ‘Russian disinformation.’ NPR’s public editor went so far as to disregard it as a politically motivated event and pure distraction. Meanwhile, NPR chose to cover trivial behind-the-scenes stories such as President Biden casually grabbing a boba tea in Las Vegas.

NPR has also been advocating for societal chaos and disorder, Graham revealed. One such example is through NPR promoting books encouraging looting and labeling riots as ‘rebellions.’ These societal issues seemingly align with NPR’s programming that consistently presents Republicans as a disruptive force attempting to ‘drive the car off the cliff.’

Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone accused those investigating NPR’s political leanings of returning to dark days of prejudice, stating that public cynicism with the media emanates from the right-wing media. This claim clearly ignores the fact that NPR’s blatant bias is affecting its reputation.

Critics of NPR want fair and unbiased news, which NPR has failed to deliver over the years. As a recipient of taxpayers’ money, NPR needs to represent all voices without prejudice. Regrettably, NPR has drifted from its mission and instead appears to be favoring Democratic voices largely.

In conclusion, Tim Graham’s testimony shone a light on NPR’s undeniable left-wing bias. NPR, funded with taxpayer dollars, must provide balanced news that represents all voices, not just a select few. If the bias continues unchecked, perhaps it’s time to consider defunding NPR altogether. After all, unbiased media should be just that – unbiased.


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