Exclusive! RFK Jr. Drops Bombshell: He’s Pro-‘Full Term’ Abortion – Here’s Why!

Exclusive! RFK Jr. Drops Bombshell: He's Pro-'Full Term' Abortion - Here's Why!
Exclusive! RFK Jr. Drops Bombshell: He's Pro-'Full Term' Abortion - Here's Why!
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Hold onto your hats, folks. The left’s golden boy, Democratic Presidential nominee Robert Kennedy Jr., just publicly declared support for unrestricted, full-term abortions. That’s right. Full-term. He stated this unsettling view in a recent chat with host Sage Steele.

On The Sage Steele Show, Kennedy Jr., was quizzed about his stance on abortion laws. When asked if he’d maintain the status quo at the federal level, with the historic ruling of Roe versus Wade turned on its head, passing the responsibilities to the states’ hands, he had other plans. Here’s the kicker – he’s all in for granting sole power to the mothers when it comes to abortion decisions, “even if it’s full term.” You read it right. Full-term abortions backed by a potential President of this nation makes a frightening thought.

This interview has garnered a quick 21,000 views since its release Wednesday night. A clipped snippet of the show related to this specific topic has gotten more than 154,000 views — showing just how much this controversy is resonating in our current climate.

Kennedy did get cornered by Steele, who was insistent on clarifying his position. On being probed further about his support for full-term abortions, his response was a cold repetition: “even if it’s full term.” To provide some context, we’re talking about aborting a fully formed child, just moments away from birth.

A report by life-affirming outlet LifeNews.com notes that despite Kennedy Jr., personally not supporting late-term abortions, it’s his political policy, however, that would grant unrestricted access to late-term abortions.

Kennedy Jr.’s alarming stance sent shockwaves across the pro-life spectrum. Sean Feucht, a Christian singer who led worship at a pro-Israel march, insisted no true Christian should consider endorsing Kennedy Jr. for President. Charlie Kirk, TPUSA president, accused him of affirming commitment to unrestricted full-term abortion. Echoing his sentiment, Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, criticized Kennedy’s support for full-term abortion as radical, grotesque, and evil.

Such alarming disregard for the sanctity of life leaves us facing a dark road ahead. Until pro-abortion proponents recognize the vile reality of their stance, our society’s most vulnerable members remain at grave risk, especially under ideologues like Kennedy Jr. It is a harsh wake-up call to remember that the respect for life is under constant threat in our modern world.

In conclusion, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s astonishing support for unrestricted full-term abortions is an alarming prospect. It’s high time we stared unblinkingly at the horrific reality it would open for the unborn. Today, more than ever, we need a staunch resistance to ideologies that devalue life’s sacred essence.


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