Shocking Turnaround: Biden Leaves Israel High and Dry as Trump Tops War ‘Trust’ Poll – Find Out Why!

Shocking Turnaround: Biden Leaves Israel High and Dry as Trump Tops War 'Trust' Poll - Find Out Why!
Shocking Turnaround: Biden Leaves Israel High and Dry as Trump Tops War 'Trust' Poll - Find Out Why!
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It’s undoubtedly clear that liberal media has set their sights on November with an attempt to cast off Israel in their pursuit of support from pro-Hamas voters in pivotal states like Michigan and Wisconsin. The signs of relief on ABC’s Good Morning America were hard to miss Thursday, as they rallied behind Biden’s stand to cease sending weapons to Israel if they moved against Hamas’s last stronghold.

The narrative began to shift as fallacy began to take hold. According to ABC’s chief anchor Mary Bruce, Biden’s upfront warning to Israel lays the groundwork for a potential historical showdown with a nation we’ve long called an ally. Biden’s recently expressed views on Israel struck a chord with ABC’s innate need to disregard America’s merits, insinuating that we had become bedfellows with the enemy.

The ABC news report revealed that Biden had cautioned Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu against invading Rafah, a safe haven for over a million civilians. Actions were indeed already in place. A shipment of 3,500 U.S. bombs was halted over fears that such weapons may harm civilians. While Biden holds the reins firmly in hand, many are starting to question his uncompromising support for Israel even at the verge of discord among American voters. A poll showing that Donald Trump is more trusted by voters to handle this war presents a telling tale.

Instead of palace intrigue, however, American support for Israel is long-standing and unwavering. Our mission, as Bruce tries to make clear in her report, is not to walk away from Israel’s security but rather to step away from Israel’s course of action in the conflict zones. It’s essential to note that even as Biden continues to resist Netanyahu’s potential invasion of Rafah, he maintains that support for Israel’s defense, including the Iron Dome missile system, will endure.

This shift in narrative is not only evident on ABC. Similar sentiments designed to elicit emotions from the audience are also elicited on CBS Mornings, and NBC’s Today, where foreign affairs conversations are centered on this touchy subject.

Recent liberal threats against Israel would have us believe that our relationships internationally rely on us agreeing with everything our allies do – an approach that’s far from realistic or productive. We’re left with a hefty task of distinguishing the fact from the fiction in these high frequency broadcasts that are circulated without hesitation. As we tiptoe around the political landscape, it’s crucial to remember our bedrock of democracy and the values on which our great nation was built. We stand for peace, equality, and for maintaining relationships with our global partners while keeping in sight our ultimate goal, the safety, and prosperity of the American people. The pieces that constitute this chess game of International Relations are more complex than they appear at first glance. Every statement, warning, or veiled threat has repercussions. We must not be swayed by the fluctuating narrative but instead seek the truth in the midst of chaos.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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