Unbelievable! WashPost Uses Discredited Research to Advocate for DEI – Find Out More!

Unbelievable! WashPost Uses Discredited Research to Advocate for DEI - Find Out More!
Unbelievable! WashPost Uses Discredited Research to Advocate for DEI - Find Out More!
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Get this. Two Washington Post writers decided to champion yesteryears’ diversity equity and inclusion initiatives. They figured they’d paint a shiny new picture of the DEI badge. The catch? They used thoroughly discredited research to do so. Credibility? Out the window.

Back on May 5, they penned an article reference to a McKinsey & Company study, asserting the “business case for DEI.” Their response stemmed from intensifying criticism directed at the infamous leftist acronym. Now, here lies the irony. This McKinsey study, linking diversity to dollars, was torn apart long before May 5 ever came around.

A couple of professors, Accounting experts by profession, John R.M. Hand from UNC-Chapel Hill and Jeremiah Green from Texas A&M, put their foot down. They pointed out that McKinsey’s work was as good as drawing a fortune on quicksand; you can’t replicate it. “Don’t lean on McKinsey’s studies to assume a diversity-amplified executive lineup guarantees financial improvement,” they warned. Yet, our Post reporters, Taylor Telford and Julian Mark, went ahead, took that leap of faith, and trusted McKinsey anyway.

“Companies with high diversity are 39% more likely to mint more cash,” they quoted McKinsey. Heck, they pushed more DEI endorsement from JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, who sang in the choir, tooting the ‘business case’ for DEI horn.

If you’re wondering where Dimon gathered this wisdom, well, you guessed it. McKinsey. JPMorgan leaned on McKinsey like a crutch. They’ve plastered McKinsey’s studies on their webpages, showcasing them as tokens of their commitment to diversity.

CEOs from big sharks like JPMorgan have been drawn in by the DEI lure, as have reporters like Telford and Mark. Even Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire called out Intel’s former top dog and the owner of Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, for using McKinsey as their DEI prop.

All this paints a vivid picture of the DEI craze infecting corporate America. Quite a show the left is putting on. And all their trusted sources? They’ve got bigger holes than Swiss cheese.

To ring in the finale, it’s worth noting that your trusted news, ABC, CBS, and NBC, are completely mum on this issue—the infiltration of a senseless ideology into corporates. So, pick up that phone, dial those numbers and demand the truth. The narrative needs to change, and conservatives need their voice.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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