Watch what happens when Morning Joe Hilariously Roasts Trump’s Bomber Jacket – Biden/Obama Comparison will Shock You!

Watch what happens when Morning Joe Hilariously Roasts Trump's Bomber Jacket - Biden/Obama Comparison will Shock You!
Watch what happens when Morning Joe Hilariously Roasts Trump's Bomber Jacket - Biden/Obama Comparison will Shock You!
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Morning Joe may not have had a problem poking fun at Donald Trump for hosting a dinner at Mar-a-Lago recently, but they’ve missed a mark in their haste to turn the event into a joke. In attendance were patrons of Trump’s NFT trading cards, and the democrat gang on the show predictably zeroed in on their particular favorite — a card montage of the former President wearing a bomber jacket.

Yes, indeed, Elise Jordan was one of those who had a field day ridiculing the image. She seemed to find it baffling that Trump’s likeness was used against the backdrop of a stylish, rugged bomber jacket. The insinuation, of course, was that such an attire belonged more in line with a Tom Cruise-starring movie than with the Republican mogul. She didn’t hold back in claiming it was nothing but pure propaganda.

But Jordan, and the rest of the panel, seemed oblivious to the fact that Trump isn’t the first, and won’t be the last president to don a bomber jacket. Who can forget the wave of ripples Barack Obama caused when he showed up wearing a customized ’44’ bomber jacket at the Duke-UNC game back in 2019?

Not only did the media celebrate it, but it spurred a flurry of articles and features. The trendsetting jacket even made it to the public for sale — drawing no visible expression of surprise or mockery from the team at MSNBC. One wonders if a similar outcry of ‘propaganda’ would have been leveled against the former Democratic President?

Jeffs find it fascinating how Jordan conveniently glossed over how figures carved in popular culture, such as Tom Cruise himself, have as much sway over the masses as actual historical personalities. But then talking about historical figures, such as an authentic fighter pilot like John McCain, would require acknowledging those who don’t fit into their one-sided narrative.

Equally hilarious was the panel’s reception to Trump’s sale of his suit pieces worn during his iconic mugshot, with Joe Scarborough incredulously asking what on earth was happening here. As for Willie Geist, he confidently declared these pieces as not from Trump’s mugshot suit, with apparently no evidence at hand, only allegations.

Supporters of Joe Biden also have their share of memorabilia to buy, including leather “Joe Biden Aviation Jackets” or bomber jackets with “Biden Harris Peace Love Equality Hope Diversity” inscribed on them. Not to mention the trove of merchandise for Kamala Harris’ die-hard followers, marketed as bipartisan yet echoing a very different vibe if one cared to look underneath the surface.

So, when it comes to wearing jackets or selling memorabilia, perhaps Morning Joe should take a step back before ridiculing Trump and ask themselves: if Obama, Biden and Harris can do it, why not Trump?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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