Breaking News: Whoopi Goldberg Smashes Rumors About Her Leaving The Country – Find Out What Really Happened!

Breaking News: Whoopi Goldberg Smashes Rumors About Her Leaving The Country - Find Out What Really Happened!
Breaking News: Whoopi Goldberg Smashes Rumors About Her Leaving The Country - Find Out What Really Happened!
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Whoopi Goldberg, a panelist on The View, got all worked up on Monday’s episode about an online joke involving former President Trump: implying that she was heading to Canada. Despite her vehement denial, we all remember the moment during Trump’s election days when she threatened to leave the country.

The joke in question was a post made by Trump on his Truth Social platform, a mere jest stating, “Canada doesn’t want you Whoopi, NOBODY DOES!!!” The post featured an image of Goldberg, heavier-looking than usual, accompanied by the caption: “I’m moving to Canada for sure this time!” Notably, these words were not attributed as a direct quote.

Goldberg, upset about the post, gave her thoughts on it during the show. She was indignant about Trump’s humor, chiding him for spreading a meme suggesting that she was planning to leave the country if he returned to power. In a somewhat lofty tantrum, she took aim at Trump, calling him a “little snowflake,” sparking applause from the audience. Her reason for staying put was interesting, citing her contract as the reason for her decision to stay. She stated her intention to continue working at her place of employment for a couple more years at least.

It’s interesting, Whoopi, declaring that you’re “not going anywhere” for the upcoming years just because you’re tied down by a contract and obviously enjoying a substantial salary, isn’t exactly a robust opposition to Trump’s jibe.

The heat definitely got to Goldberg back in 2016. After the election, she had to face people reminding her of her threat to leave the country, a claim she has repeatedly denied. But we can’t fall for this deception.

She’s been on record, reacting to Trump’s campaign comments back in 2016 by suggesting that such division and labeling could make her consider leaving. It seems like an ultimate bluff, she either lost her nerve or she never intended to follow through.

The curt transcript from the View episode is below, it’s an enlightening read:

ABC’s The View, May 13, 2024, 11:18:47 a.m. Eastern:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I am irked about this. The person in question had something to say about me. He saw a meme, suggesting that I planned to leave the country… I’m not going anywhere.

AUDIENCE: Applause.

GOLDBERG: Contrary to what you think, it’s not for that reason. He suggested that no one wanted me.

SUNNY HOSTIN: We do, Whoopi.

GOLDBERG: Even if no one here wanted me.

AUDIENCE: We adore you, Whoopi!

GOLDBERG: Appreciate it!

AUDIENCE: Applause.

GOLDBERG: I’ll be where I’m wanted for the next few years because I have a contract.

In a nutshell, Goldberg has indeed subtly suggested shouting into the wind about considering fleeing America in the past, and this little furor about a harmless internet joke simply highlights her contradictions and careful sidestepping from her previous rhetoric.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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