Shocking Scandals Rock Planet Fitness: Unbelievable Response – FREE Memberships for Teens!

Shocking Scandals Rock Planet Fitness: Unbelievable Response - FREE Memberships for Teens!
Shocking Scandals Rock Planet Fitness: Unbelievable Response - FREE Memberships for Teens!
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“Listen up, folks. Planet Fitness, deep in membership woes, has launched a campaign to let teenagers workout for free over the summer. All while lurking concerns about the presence of biological men in women’s locker rooms continue to ripple nationwide. Just terrific!

From June to August, the scheme targets 14 to 19-year-olds, stating, “High school summer pass is here! Work out at Planet Fitness totally free!”. With a massive selection of equipment at their disposal, youngsters are told to “Come in and get energized!”

Exercise? Great. But at Planet Fitness? Absolutely not.

Earlier this year, a woman from Alaska stumbled on a disturbing scene at a Planet Fitness. A biological male in the ladies’ room, shaving in the mirror. A minor was present at the time, left pretty shaken by the experience.

This sparked an outcry, setting #BoycottPlanetFitness trending and causing many to shut down their membership subscriptions. In response, Planet Fitness got slapped financially, with their stock prices taking a nosedive.

A few weeks after the incident, a man, naked, was found in a North Carolina Planet Fitness women’s changing area. However, the woman who rang the alarm on him had her membership canceled. Why? She wasn’t being “inclusive” of his transgender identity. More backlash followed this, setting Planet Fitness back to the tune of approximately $400 million.

Continuing to stand its ground, Planet Fitness persists unfazed. Propose to use whichever restroom suits your perceived gender identity? Go ahead. Concerns that this could put younger female members at risk are just brushed off.

Desperate for new members, Planet Fitness has now turned its focus to teenagers. Youngsters, who may either not be aware of the gym’s dubious policies or are too naive to fully grasp the potential risks involved.

The online sign-up form is an easy game. Teens aged 19 can enroll either virtually or in person without requiring parental consent. Under-19s need parental consent, at least in theory. Just by glancing at the form, it’s clear a child could fill it in unnoticed. Meaning, any child can sign up, and the parents can be none the wiser.

Worth noting, the sign-up form includes an option to identify as “non-binary.”

The reality is, folks, Planet Fitness seems to care more about their bottom line than creating a safe environment for their members, particularly the young ones. As if it wasn’t enough to have biological men in women’s locker rooms, they now want our children mixed up in this mess.

For those who are considering joining or already members, the onus falls on you. You’ve been warned. Remember, “Protect your children!” Why expose your kids to such risks just to fulfill someone’s fantasies? Choose wisely before you willingly walk into an establishment ready to prioritize strange ideology over the safety of minors.”


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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