Unmasking the Forgotten Biden Falsehoods the Media Doesn’t Want You to Remember!

Unmasking the Forgotten Biden Falsehoods the Media Doesn't Want You to Remember!
Unmasking the Forgotten Biden Falsehoods the Media Doesn't Want You to Remember!
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As we inch closer to the 2024 election, the liberal-leaning mainstream media seems to have developed an inexplicable blindness to President Biden’s chronic habit of bending the truth about his life and work. Despite continuously misrepresenting himself, mainstream media outlets seem to be under some spell, unwilling or unable to call out the untruths.

Tim Graham, executive editor of NewsBusters, has pointed out an alarming trend in media behavior. There seems to be a heightened focus on debunking any negative assertions about Biden, but an apparent disinterest when it comes to fact-checking Biden himself. This skewed role of gatekeeping seems more oriented towards protecting the President than informing the public. The result? Biden has been able to skate by, unimpeded, telling a bevy of tales about his life that range from misleading half-truths to outright falsehoods.

These inaccuracies aren’t confined to recent times either. Some of them are relatively new, sprouted within the last month or so, though others have resurfaced time and again throughout Biden’s longstanding political career. It’s a long, winding history of misinformation that the media would likely prefer for us all to overlook or forget.

Considering the critical role the media plays in shaping public perception, it’s not just alarming but also damaging for democracy itself, as the power of informed decision making is taken away from the citizens. It’s the media’s responsibility to present the facts to the public, regardless of their political leanings, in order to ensure voters can make an informed decision. But with the current state of affairs, a majority of mainstream outlets, it seems, prioritize a political agenda over journalistic integrity.

As we head into the 2024 election, it’s crucial that we remember these missteps and question the narratives presented to us. The media’s purpose should be to inform the electorate, not protect political figures. It’s time to change this trend – the truth shouldn’t play second fiddle to partisan interests.

The road leading up to the 2024 elections is going to be challenging. The media, especially the left-wing mainstream outlets, need to take a hard, necessary look at where they’ve strayed from the path of responsible journalism. Meanwhile, as responsible citizens, we owe it to our nation to continuously question and verify the narratives we’re presented with, especially when it pertains to the people occupying the highest offices in our country. The truth, no matter how inconvenient, must always supersede political partisanship.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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