You Won’t Believe How Michael Knowles Shreds Biden’s Outrageous Defense of Bidennomics on CNN!

You Won't Believe How Michael Knowles Shreds Biden's Outrageous Defense of Bidennomics on CNN!
You Won't Believe How Michael Knowles Shreds Biden's Outrageous Defense of Bidennomics on CNN!
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Catch this folks, let’s talk about how the witty Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire left Joe Biden scrambling with his comments on Bidenomics on his show last May 10. He went all out on the flawed logic Biden tried to put out there at a CNN interview. It can’t be denied, Biden tripped over his own words and Knowles didn’t let it slide.

Remember Erin Burnett of CNN, right? Well, she did one hell of a job when she roasted Biden with some stern-faced questions. True to her responsibility as a journalist, she confronted him with straight-up facts and statistics: the man’s plummeting numbers, faulty economics. Honestly, who’s surprised by those numbers? The cost of living’s doubled since the pandemic, inflation’s hit real income, economic growth’s dwindling and confidence from the public is scraping the bottom.

Amidst this mess, do you know what Biden’s mighty response was? “We’ve already turned it around,” he said, conveniently forgetting to back it up with anything logical. Even better, he goes off-tangent, complaining about the credibility of the polling data CNN conducts. Mind you, he uses one such questionable poll to try and save face.

Let’s be clear. Knowles is spot on; Biden’s answers don’t add up. He’s critical about the polls showing devastating stats, but not so much when it’s the lone favorable one.

Now comes the absurdity: Democrats, ranting about the media and polls against them. Funny how they conveniently forget the media and most news outlets are tilting towards their side anyway. I mean, seriously, who are they kidding? When polls call out Democrats, they can’t shrug it off because those polls are mostly in their favor. The set-up is such that they’ve got the upper hand in controlling the political narrative.

But remember, when a predicted victory for Democrats doesn’t pan out, it’s usually because the support was overestimated. So, when you hear negative reports about the Democrats, from their very own sources, it raises a red flag that things are in hot water.

Talking about certain issues that were swept underneath the carpet, the biting inflation average of 5.5% under Biden’s administration and shooting gas prices, going from $2.42 per gallon in January 2021 to soaring heights of $3.54 in March. It’s quite a list Burnett could’ve tapped on.

Wrapping up, brace yourself. With the economy stuck in a rut, the Bidenomics debate is one conservatives won’t give up on. It’s up to folks to hold outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC accountable and demand they report the stark truth about Biden’s economic disaster.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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