Shocking Turn of Events: Pro-Life Advocate Receives Nearly 5-Year Prison Sentence for Defying Abortion Rules!

Shocking Turn of Events: Pro-Life Advocate Receives Nearly 5-Year Prison Sentence for Defying Abortion Rules!
Shocking Turn of Events: Pro-Life Advocate Receives Nearly 5-Year Prison Sentence for Defying Abortion Rules!
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Lauren Handy, a 30-year-old pro-life activist, has a grim future ahead. Instead of being celebrated for fighting for the lives of unborn children, she’s now facing 57 months in federal prison. And her crime? Trying to prevent abortions at an abortion facility in Washington, D.C. The court decided that her actions violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act), prioritizing building access over innocent lives.

Back in October 2020, Handy wasn’t alone in her mission. Many other pro-life advocates joined her impromptu demonstration outside Washington Surgi abortion clinic, linking arms, singing hymns, and praying for the mothers and unborn children behind those doors. Prosecutors insist Handy was the ringleader, encouraging the others to stand their ground. Nonetheless, they upheld their beliefs, not causing harm, but instead advocating for life.

Despite the good intentions behind Handy’s actions, these peaceful protests landed her a near 5-year sentence. What’s more, she’s already been in jail since August 2023 when she was convicted of conspiracy against rights and for violating the aforementioned FACE Act. The first of her group to be sentenced, Handy paved the way for others facing similar consequences, like William Goodman who received 27 months and John Hinshaw, now serving 21 months.

This Washington clinic is no stranger to controversy. Handy, alongside fellow pro-life activist Terrisa Bukovinac, discovered the remains of preemie babies and fragments of 115 aborted infants. The inhuman deed was done, under the intent of using these innocent lives as material for renewable energy – the brutality of the act cannot be underlined enough. The same facility hosted the late-term abortionist Cesare Santangelo, who admitted to denying lifesaving medical help to a child born alive after a botched abortion.

The fact that Handy has received such a hefty sentence for defending life doesn’t sit well with many pro-life advocates. They express their shock at the injustice where someone saving lives is penalized while others who are involved in the termination of lives walk free. Individuals like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have pointed out the hypocrisy suggesting it’s shocking that while violent and disruptive protestors are pardoned, people advocating for unborn lives are imprisoned.

Supporters of Handy have not held back in expressing their dismay at the outcome of the case. They highlight the uneven application of the law, where Handy, who peacefully protested, is being compared and treated worse than an environmental activist protesting for a different cause.

As expected, the leftist media have painted Handy as a villain. A rather predictable move, as they insist that the 57-month jail sentence still isn’t enough for what they’re describing as harassment and denial of healthcare access to women. But for Handy and supporters, the term ‘healthcare’ evidently holds a very different meaning.

Despite her sentencing, Handy remains unbroken and at peace with her actions. She continues to stand with her convictions, even in the face of adversity. It’s clear she’s determined to choose courage over comfort, a testament to her strength and unwavering commitment to the pro-life cause.


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