Breaking: MRC’s Bozell Reveals Soros-Backed ‘Totalitarian’ Scheme – Could Control the 2024 Election!

Breaking: MRC's Bozell Reveals Soros-Backed 'Totalitarian' Scheme - Could Control the 2024 Election!
Breaking: MRC's Bozell Reveals Soros-Backed 'Totalitarian' Scheme - Could Control the 2024 Election!
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‘Left-wing tycoon George Soros is launching an assault on US free speech,’ warned MRC President Brent Bozell this week. This assertion follows the revelation that Soros has been funding a push to encourage Big Tech to silence American citizens leading up to the pivotal 2024 presidential elections. Bozell fiercely denounces Soros, labeling the reclusive businessman as a significant risk to our democratic values, not only here, but throughout the globe.

Bozell’s criticism centers around a media group’s letter that urges social media platforms to crack down on content under the pretense of “implement[ing] election-integrity policies to protect worldwide democracy.” The letter, which Bozell slams as demonstrating a “distressingly authoritarian attitude toward democracy,” was signed by over 200 organizations and spearheaded by the Soros-backed media group Free Press. This sinister group of like-minded organizations uses sanitized language about creating a “safe and healthy” environment for users to couch their real goal: silencing any content that challenges their leftist ideologies.

At the heart of this scandal is a shocking revelation by MRC researchers that boldly unmasks the underhanded financier of these oppressive non-profit organizations: George Soros himself. The researchers discovered that of the 200-plus organizations involved in this censorship drive, at least “45 of them were funded by George Soros… to the tune of $80 million.” Bozell underscores this alarming statistic and questions whether more organizations may be on Soros’ payroll.

Underpinning this campaign, these organizations, says Bozell, initiated a comprehensive plan to strangle free thought and silence opposition. They approached major players in the Big Tech world, including Meta, TikTok, Google, and YouTube, advocating for the outright censorship of conservative voices. Bozell alleges that these groups push to muzzle faith-based groups and any dissent on issues such as climate change, and even aim to silence former President Donald Trump yet again.

The actions of Soros have provoked serious concerns among the conservative community. The attack on free speech by a left-wing billionaire is a severe violation of democratic values. It is vital then, for conservatives to rally their representatives, demanding accountability from Big Tech.

In conclusion, this assault on free speech by left-wing billionaire George Soros is more than concerning; it’s alarming. As conservatives, we must fight back against this veiled attempt to choke the voices of the silent majority using Big Tech as its assault weapon. We need to unite and strive for transparency and equality in the face of this blatant left-wing censorship. Will you stand with us?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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