Exclusive: Discover Why WashPost Snubbed the Alito-Upside Down Flag Scandal of 2021!

Exclusive: Discover Why WashPost Snubbed the Alito-Upside Down Flag Scandal of 2021!
Exclusive: Discover Why WashPost Snubbed the Alito-Upside Down Flag Scandal of 2021!
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Here’s the latest outrage of the year: Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. put his flag up wrong. Yep, you read that right. Our friends on the left, the self-appointed flag monitors, are up in arms because they think this has some deep, sinister connection to Alito’s political beliefs. And this is a story going right back to 2021, and guess what? The Washington Post already dismissed it.

It’s pretty simple really. Back then, Justice Alito’s wife had a spat with their neighbors. It got to the point where she jokingly flew an upside-down flag – internationally recognized as a distress signal. And now this mock-signal of ‘distress’ is being connected to the January 6 riots.

But remember, friends, this is a neighborhood tiff we’re talking about. Nothing more. Even the Post saw that fact and decided it wasn’t newsworthy – because it wasn’t. It was about Martha-Ann Alito fighting back against neighbors who were annoyed with yard signs, not some elaborate political protest.

Nothing’s changed since 2021 – not the neighbors, not the flag, and not Alito. In fact, when Justice Alito was approached back in 2021, he was crystal clear. There was no political agenda to the flag. It was all about a neighborhood disagreement, he confirmed.

But fast-forward to 2024, and the media is doing a complete 180, taking what was previously dismissed as nonsense and now painting it as a profound political statement. They bring in people like retired federal judge Nancy Gertner, and of course, conveniently forget to mention that she was appointed by Clinton, to say that Alito knew exactly what he was doing.

So the story that wasn’t a story in 2021 suddenly became a story in 2024. And why? Because the media has an agenda, pure and simple. They’re linking an upside-down flag to events it had nothing to do with, all to further their narrative.

In conclusion: this is a textbook example of how a non-story can be warped and twisted into a ‘scandal’. We’ve seen the left go from defending Alito’s right to a neighborhood dispute in 2021, to accusing him of political scheming in 2024. So watch out. They did it to Alito, they can do it to anyone. There’s no scandal here, just another chapter in the unwavering playbook of media-driven sensationalism.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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