Bozell SLAMS Networks on WMAL – Are they Manipulating the Trump Trial to Meddle in 2024 Election? Find Out Here!

Bozell SLAMS Networks on WMAL - Are they Manipulating the Trump Trial to Meddle in 2024 Election? Find Out Here!
Bozell SLAMS Networks on WMAL - Are they Manipulating the Trump Trial to Meddle in 2024 Election? Find Out Here!
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Just when you think the mainstream media can’t stoop any lower, here we are. ABC, CBS, and NBC shockingly twisted coverage of Donald Trump during a pivotal trial by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg that reeks of political interference and undermines our 2024 election.

Media Research Center Founder, Brent Bozell, was on O’Connor & Company at WMAL where he exposed this shameful bias. High-profile networks exploiting public airwaves for dishonest election maneuvering is like an incredible film you can’t believe is real. They ran 640 minutes of flagrantly biased coverage and exchanged crucial facts for politically driven narratives, sparing only three minutes for Michael Cohen’s perjury conviction and completely ignoring Judge Juan Merchan’s liberal affiliations.

Bozell made a key point that perhaps many forget – these broadcast airwaves belong to us, the American people. And yet, we’re seeing a manipulative attempt to sway an election, with deliberately withheld facts. Sounding the alarm, Bozell calls for Congressional hearings. No one should be able to take a free swing at our democracy.

A significant element the Web existed not just on the amassed coverage time but also in the content as Bozell highlighted during his interview. The networks’ bias was as exposed as a naked emperor – abusing their airtime to paint a skewed, one-sided picture of the trial.

He challenged the listeners with an interesting thought – Imagine if the roles were reversed, would they display such a flagrant bias? Pointing at the prosecution’s attempts to vilify Trump, the networks conveniently forgot to mention Cohen’s history of deceit – a key factor in the defense strategy.

Moreover, Bozell sharpens focus on an even more disturbing detail – Out of 110 evening news stories, only three even hinted that Alvin Bragg was a Democrat. Each one of our most-watched networks was guilty. This piece of the puzzle remained almost completely unmentioned across all three networks. As shocking as it may seem, they didn’t stop there. They fixated on Michael Cohen in a third of their coverage while barely breathing a word about his perjury conviction. It seems key facts were given just a tiny slice from a 640-minute pie.

Visibility of Judge Merchan’s potentially conflicted interests was also alarmingly absent from coverage, including his donations toward President Biden and an anti-Republican group. If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is.

When the spotlight was placed on ABC for being the worst offender, their lack of journalistic integrity garnered no surprise or dissent.

As Bozell compellingly summed up, this abuse of media coverage has real-world implications. It’s a testament to potential media manipulation affecting an election, especially considering an NBC poll which showed a huge lead for Biden over Trump among those who primarily get their information from national network news.

Our supposed ‘trusted’ sources parade a bias so clear, you could skate on it. Wielding a mighty influence over public opinion, it’s a frightening thought – how far will they go?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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