Is Biden’s ‘Democracy’ Just a Crafty Mirage? Find Out Now!

Is Biden's 'Democracy' Just a Crafty Mirage? Find Out Now!
Is Biden's 'Democracy' Just a Crafty Mirage? Find Out Now!
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President Joe Biden’s speeches are often punctuated by references to democracy’s importance. It’s a commendable emphasis, but when scrutinized, Biden’s words can be seen as a political ploy, more than having its roots in lofty ideals about human freedom.

Unraveling this political curtain, it is clear that Biden’s often-repeated mantra on democracy’s importance is essentially a veiled attempt to keep the memory of the Jan. 6 Capitol incident alive and paint Donald Trump in an unfavorable light. But, the essence of democracy, as it seems, is more calculated, more political, and less about human liberty than Biden presents.

Biden, on Memorial Day, made a grand statement, “Our democracy is more than just a system of government. It is the very soul of America.” However, a contrasting opinion comes from Booker T. Washington, whose wise words hang on my Washington, D.C., office wall. His statement hits a more significant truth about democracy, “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good just because it is accepted by the majority.”

It’s key to remember that democracy can only be a medium that accepts or shuns these universal truths. It doesn’t conjure them.

Echoing these sentiments, President George Washington, in his 1796 farewell speech, emphasized that religion and morality were elemental pillars for political prosperity, more significant than any system of governance. He foresaw a nation’s morality losing its essence without the basis of religious principles.

Eleven decades later, Senator Stephen Douglas proposed ‘democracy’ as the solution to the contentious issue of slavery in states joining the Union. His proposition was ardently rejected by Abraham Lincoln, citing the inability of democracy to differentiate between good and evil, a divine principle that only faith can encapsulate.

Here, Biden’s intent seems focused more on advancing a left-wing agenda via government expansion rather than ensuring individual liberties. The evidence is in the figures. Post World War II, government expenditure accounted for 14.1% of GDP. As per the Congressional Budget Office, by 2054, government spending will consume 27.3% of GDP.

Despite the imminent government bankruptcy by 2033, Biden doesn’t support the idea of an opt-out for Americans to invest in their private retirement accounts.

Biden’s championing of democracy fails to translate into supporting the right of parents to choose their child’s K-12 school. His leniency only seems apparent when it comes to women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies until the final stages.

President Joe Biden’s version of democracy deviates significantly from the founders’ vision. They conceived a nation centered on core principles that would foster individual liberty via limited government intervention, a concept Biden’s administration seems to disregard.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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