Shocking! $19M from Soros Floods Leftist Groups Targeting Justice Alito: Is the Media Turning a Blind Eye?

Shocking! $19M from Soros Floods Leftist Groups Targeting Justice Alito: Is the Media Turning a Blind Eye?
Shocking! $19M from Soros Floods Leftist Groups Targeting Justice Alito: Is the Media Turning a Blind Eye?
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If you thought the left-wing crowd was done attacking the justice system, guess again. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently found himself in their crosshairs, smeared just before the verdict of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial. All this during a season when the Supreme Court is actively handing down a myriad of key decisions, including a complex case about presidential immunity.

A crew of 25 radical left-wing organizations decided to band together on May 29 and fire off a letter to Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois. Their demand? An investigation into Justice Alito for his so-called “recent conduct,” hinting that he should step aside in cases where they say, the public might question his impartiality. The cherry on top? At least seven of these groups have benefited nicely from billionaire George Soros, pocketing over $19 million between 2016 and 2022. But, of course, this juicy tidbit seems lost on most of the left-leaning media.

Unsurprisingly, Politico, a bastion of liberal journalism, discussed this story but conveniently glossed over the fact that Soros funded seven of the signatory organizations that were condemning Alito. They went so far as to call flags flown at Justice Alito’s house a serious ethical concern.

These groups’ cause for alarm? Flags. Yes, flags – one instance saw Justice Alito’s wife flying the American flag upside down and another saw the family flying a flag dating back to the American Revolution. Grabbing at straws, they connect the historical flag to the events of January 6. Scratch your head with me if you will: based on this leap in logic, they conclude that Justice Alito cannot judge impartially.

The groups didn’t stop there. They provided a shamelessly political urging for Durbin to go after Justice Alito in their letter, even referencing a leaked opinion penned by Justice Alito as their rationale. They also advocated court-packing in the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Leading this brouhaha is Demand Justice, a vocal advocate for Supreme Court-packing known for its aggressive push for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination. Demand Justice doesn’t shy away from its ambition to add more judges to the Supreme Court – at least four, they claim, to “restore balance.”

Moreover, Demand Justice has consistently asserted that court expansion is the only assurance that states will uphold abortion rights. Other signatories on the letter who share a similar court-packing agenda include the Take Back the Court Action Fund and the Reproductive Justice for All Committee, both Soros-funded.

Additional Soros-backed letter signatories included the People’s Parity Project, People for the American Way, National Women’s Law Center, and the Center for American Progress. The latter is currently run by none other than the former president of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard.

And that, folks, is your look inside the left’s attack on the Supreme Court and its justices. Contact Politico and demand they report fairly on the attempt by these Soros-funded groups to undermine the highest court in the land. It’s high time they own up to their biased narrative.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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