Podcast Exposé: Unraveling the Shocking Truth Behind the Biden Family Business – Revealed in 0 Seconds!

Podcast Exposé: Unraveling the Shocking Truth Behind the Biden Family Business – Revealed in 0 Seconds!
Podcast Exposé: Unraveling the Shocking Truth Behind the Biden Family Business – Revealed in 0 Seconds!
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Let’s get to the bottom of this. Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, finds himself in hot water, auto-ignored by mainstream media outlets like ABC, CBS, and NBC. MRC Director of Media Analysis, Geoffrey Dickens, says news about the Bidens gets consistently benched. He argues that the media’s onesided reporting is cause for concern.

It’s perplexing how a potentially scandalous tale remains untold. Hunter Biden, under scrutiny for potential gun charges in Delaware, is alleged of lying to Congress on oath, three times no less. House Republicans made this claim following his testimony on February 28. Rather than dig deeper, many reporters branded the GOP-lead investigation as a “sham” and declared Hunter to have outwitted the opposition. But let’s not forget, the subject here is potential perjury.

Then there was the recent account of Joe’s brother, James Biden. He’s been supposedly brokering deals with Qatar business moguls, a nation known for hosting terrorist group leaders like Hamas. Who is James Biden? Most of us would be left wondering, because these stories, brimming with critical information, are being swept under the carpet by our network news outlets.

Those searching for truth will also be intrigued by the CIA’s alleged intervention in 2021. Federal investigators were prevented from interviewing Hunter’s associate, Kevin Morris according to IRS whistleblower claims. Even Morris’s daughter stepped forward, accusing Hunter of taking all her father’s money, yet there’s been no media uproar.

Another instance of dubious conduct unfolded in 2017. Hunter used his father’s appearance at a school shooting memorial at Sandy Hook, to stage a secretive meeting between Joe Biden, then Vice President, and a Chinese business partner. These embarrassing revelations were unveiled via text messages. Yet, again, rather than exposing these revelations, the networks chose to keep mum. Even potentially hard-hitting stories like these, summoning ZERO airtime.

Therefore, we must ask, where is the unbiased journalism? The thirst for truth shouldn’t be quenched by suppression. It’s time for our mainstream media outlets to step up and do their job – inform the public. We can’t afford silence when it comes to shedding light on our leaders and their families.

In conclusion, the public deserves to know all facts, no matter how uncomfortable they might be. Mainstream media has a responsibility to inform people about all relevant news, whether favorable or unfavorable. Ignoring stories like these sets a dangerous precedent, jeopardizing the very notion of fair journalism. It’s past time to fill these news gaps and serve the public as intended. Let the truth speak for itself.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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