Shocking Truth Exposed: Twitter Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Discredit #Walkaway Movement!

Shocking Truth Exposed: Twitter Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Discredit #Walkaway Movement!
Shocking Truth Exposed: Twitter Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Discredit #Walkaway Movement!
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Heads up, folks. It can’t get any more real than what just got exposed: The so-called promoters of free speech are, in fact, the ones pulling the strings behind the curtains to suppress conservative voices. Actor Brandon Straka’s call for Democrats to reassess their party alignment became the target of censorship, conveniently labeled as Russian propaganda. Wonder who’s playing the puppet master? Bingo, It’s Big Tech and even our very own government, right under our noses.

Straka propelled his “#Walkaway” movement into existence intending to give a new perspective to Democrats dissatisfied with their party’s direction. His first video was a grand slamming success, so much so that within a month, his Facebook members had spiked up to dizzying numbers, and media bigwigs lined up for his interviews.

But wait. We’ve got a party-pooper. New Knowledge, a firm packed with many a former NSA official, decided to play the ‘Russian interference’ card. Labeling Straka’s movement as a den of ‘domestic extremists,’ they pointed towards the dubious Hamilton 68 dashboard, which, by the way, is now infamous for wrongly tagging accounts as Russian conduits.

Heres the funny part: New Knowledge claimed that some of the supporters of #Walkaway on social platforms were not real people but decoy profiles using stock images. And while Straka willingly acknowledged and rebuked the few fake profiles as bots, a thorough analysis by Twitter conservatives confirmed that an overwhelming majority of the campaign’s participants were very much real and genuine supporters. A tiny slip, my friends, that crashes the whole dominos.

Despite all this, the media, along with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, led by none other than Rep. Adam Schiff, tried to continue their narrative of linking the #Walkaway movement to Russian activities. The campaign was further maligned by accusations of Russian amplification, sadly fueled more by the fake profiles using the hashtag rather than the actual ones.

Meanwhile, some conscientious Twitter employees tried ringing the alarm bells on the whole ‘Russian interference’ charade. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears. Top executives saw it as a PR feat not worth disturbing. Adding fuel to the fire were former head honchos from CIA, NSA, and DHS along with future Biden security heads, who associated and supported the notorious Hamilton 68’s accusations against #Walkaway.

To pull the last string, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee shot Twitter a puzzling list of supposedly 38,000 fake accounts linked to #Walkaway, thereby painting a picture of the movement as Putin’s special project to stir the American pot.

In the end, Straka got arrested for being present outside the Capitol on January 6th. And the mainstream media conveniently turned a blind eye toward their baseless accusations about his supposed links to Russian bots. Straka’s group deserves a retraction, an apology, and most importantly, a complete unveiling of this witch-hunt against conservative voices.

Friends, this is a wake-up call. It’s high time we urge our representatives to demand transparency and fairness from Big Tech. No more undue censorship. No more unnecessary suppression. Contact MRC Free Speech America today if you’ve ever been censored, and let’s stand up against this bullying head-on.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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