Find Out if Trump Hit the Jackpot or Drew the Short Stick in His Shocking Meeting With Parole Officer!

Find Out if Trump Hit the Jackpot or Drew the Short Stick in His Shocking Meeting With Parole Officer!
Find Out if Trump Hit the Jackpot or Drew the Short Stick in His Shocking Meeting With Parole Officer!
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First up: our major networks? Or should I say major liberal mouthpieces. Using the buzz of a pre-sentencing probation hearing for former President Donald Trump to push their agenda further down the throats of America. In a virtuoso performance of political pantomime, they’re salivating at the thought of Trump’s possible future in good ol’ orange overalls.

NBC’s Today aired Senior Legal Correspondent Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarett, pointing at Trump’s virtual hearing as “highly unusual.” Not to mention, Jarrett found it uncharacteristic of any former president to face such circumstances. For such an imposing figure whose presence is notoriously “disruptive” in New York, as the liberals know, a virtual meeting surely seems a smarter move. Yet it’s spun to suggest special treatment. Predictable.

There’s also talk of the sentence Trump might receive. Demure co-host Savanah Guthrie asked about the prison whispers in the wind. To which Jarrett promptly responded, saying given Trump’s age and lack of criminal history, he is more likely to get probation. However, Guthrie didn’t shy away from throwing in the tales of Judge Merchan possibly sentinencing Trump to prison due to violations during the trial.

Over on ABC’s Good Morning America, correspondent Rachel Scott painted a grim picture for Trump. Playing up the dramatized notion of him campaigning as a convicted felon. Scott’s take refused to highlight the crowd’s reception at Trump’s rally in Las Vegas. Instead, Scott cherry-picked and overemphasized Trump’s bashing of criminal cases against him.

Then, we have CBS Mornings. Where host Tony Dokoupil ended up making light of Trump’s New York probation officer’s predicament, hinting at a lucky or unlucky equation of sorts. All this while Robert Costa, chief election and correspondent, calmly observed how it’s all part of their job. Nothing surprising there.

So there you have it, folks. The liberal networks using Trump’s probation hearing as a plaything for their political drama. Waving it about with giddy excitement and speculation of what could happen next. It’s clear they’re banking on the idea of Trump being the country’s biggest bad boy.

In conclusion, the liberal media will continue to stoke fires, supposedly on the side of justice, while directing the narrative to favor their own biased perspectives. The conservative truth? Trump’s journey is far from over. Expect more twists and turns as we keep our focus where it needs to be – on the reality of what’s happening in our great nation. Stick around, and let’s see how it turns out.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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