Shocking Revelation: How the Media Softens the Blow for Hunter Biden’s Dramatic Court Battle!

Shocking Revelation: How the Media Softens the Blow for Hunter Biden's Dramatic Court Battle!
Shocking Revelation: How the Media Softens the Blow for Hunter Biden's Dramatic Court Battle!
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Listen up, folks! Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is now in the hot seat with his criminal trials in progress. What’s surprising is how low-key our big media outlets (names like ABC, CBS, and NBC) are treating this. Despite a spotlight on Hunter’s alleged drug use and felony, the favorable bias towards Biden’s family is palpable. To remember, they didn’t hold back while trumpeting elements of Trump’s so-called “hush money” case last month.

The broadcast networks couldn’t have turned a blind eye to a presidential child’s trial, could they? Yet, our analysis reveals an unmistakable effort to keep the coverage minimal and skirt around Hunter’s legal controversies.

They couldn’t stop ogling over the lurid bits when reporting Trump’s case, but now they’re painting a sympathetic picture of a troubled First Family. How does that work? Despite frequent mentions of Hunter’s criminal trial, almost half the time they skipped labeling it as such. ABC kept mum, while CBS and NBC grazed over the numerous legal issues surrounding the President’s son.

It’s almost as if they’ve gone mute on the topic of Hunter’s infamous laptop. Remember how they wrongfully pegged it as part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” four years ago? Moreover, the overall coverage looks like a scripted commercial condoling the President’s ‘only surviving son’ and his grueling testimony.

What’s surprising is how the networks chose to brush over Hunter’s felonious trails. While the media almost thirsted while repeatedly referring to Trump’s criminal endeavors, they’re now sugarcoating the severe indictment faced by President’s son.

The narrative around Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the suspicion of a play of influence shouldn’t be news to anyone. Yet even while his trial is underway, the trial’s background story hardly made it to the coverage.

Hunter’s notorious laptop from 2020, once dismissed as a “Russian disinformation campaign,” now holds damning evidence. Yet, the media have chosen to play coy, only spending little time touching upon the true nature of the contents.

Even President Biden’s declaration of not pardoning Hunter went unanalyzed, with no network hinting that the decision might change post-election.

At the same time, a gentle wave of empathy for Hunter and the rest of his family became quite evident in the coverage. Let’s not forget this understanding and compassion were notably absent when reporting on Trump’s trial.

In conclusion, the inconsistencies in the media’s approach to Hunter’s trial have a glaring political undertone. This bias is a clear election-year present for the Democrats – probably not the last, but certainly a noteworthy one.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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