Biden Official Uses Ukraine War To Push Radical Environmental Agenda

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One Joe Biden official surprised viewers by celebrating the news of world shortages in critical areas that affect food production due to the Ukrainian-Russia conflict. This is another example of Biden not missing an opportunity to push his radical agenda and Americans.

Samantha Powers, head of the United States Agency for International Development, told ABC’s ‘This Week With George Stephanopoulos’ on Sunday said that we should “Never let a crisis go to waste” when discussing a fertilizer shortage that could drop the production of world food supply. 

While we could see hunger rise due to a food shortage, the Biden official seemed to celebrate the fact that this could finally move farmers to what they consider more environmentally sound policies. 

The idea that farmers would be forced to use more natural solutions to growing food while people starve is typical of the tone-deaf statements we are used to hearing from the Biden administration. Yet is this being touted as one of the benefits of a foreign war. 

This follows the push by Biden and other radical Democrats to try and implement parts of the Green New Deal that has not been able to get through Congress. 

According to the New York Times, It is not the only food supply issue that were are seeing due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. These countries account for about 75% of the supply of sunflower oil and now seeing it along with other cooking oils become the new toilet paper across Europe as it is in limited supply causing rationing and price increase throughout the world. 

Yet this latest supply shortage could have harmful effects on the environment.

Here in America, there is pressure on soy producers to move products to cooking oils and away from biofuel to make up for this shortfall. However, that could see an even larger increase in gas prices than we have already experienced which would result in an increase in greenhouse emissions.

So while Power tries to highlight forcing farmers to make better environmental decisions to grow food, the latest supply shortage could actually have a more harmful effect on the environment.

Do you think Biden is trying to force his radical environmental agenda on us through the Ukraine-Russia conflict? 

Ed Gonzalez

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