Democrats Subtly Ditch Abortion Bill Language On Male Pregnancies

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It looks like the Democrats finally got some common sense. That could be why they recently scrubbed language from a bill that men could get pregnant.

The push to codify abortion rights into law with the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), deleted any mention of transgender and nonbinary people’s pregnancies as well as language-related to so-called “reproductive justice.”

According to Politico, removing the ridiculous language that somehow men could become pregnant was done in an attempt to overcome objections for more moderate members of the Senate.

Though Senate bill sponsor Richard Blumenthal said those were only “marginal changes that simply meet some of the issues that have been raised by senators who want to make it more consensus-driven.”

See a TLC episode featuring a trans man giving birth to a child.

Unbelievable as that sounds, another reason that the bill is still in trouble is how the WHPA radically changes what states can do to protect the life of the unborn which goes much further than Roe vs Wade.

It would nullify any state law banning abortion in the first six months of pregnancy and would require states to allow abortions in the final trimester. This would stop states from effectively banning late-term abortions and allowing termination right until birth.

One of the moderate votes left is trying to win over is West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, who is pro-life. He had voted against the original bill and even other Democrats like Tim Kaine of neighboring Virginia see little hope of that changing.

“There were some language challenges with the original version and I think they’re trying to eliminate those concerns,” said Kaine. “They’re taking care of that. Is that enough to get Manchin’s support? I don’t know.”

The Democrats will continue to codify abortion rights into the law. In a 50/50 Senate with some pro-abortion Republicans and a few pro-life Democrats, do you think it will pass?

Ed Gonzalez

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