Global Food Crisis to Hit in 2022 Say Experts

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Many people have warned of an upcoming global food crisis. Some think it’s a conspiracy theory and refuse to listen. But just look what’s happening already in the United States, where parents can’t even find baby formula for their children.

Now, experts are speaking out on this impending crisis. The CEO of Gro Intelligence, Sara Menker, told the UN Security Council that “the world has only 10 weeks’ worth of wheat left to deal with the crisis. This is seismic,” she told the U.N. Security Council, as reported by Fox News. “Even if the war were to end tomorrow, our food security problem isn’t going away anytime soon without concerted action.”

This sounds like the baby formula crisis in the United States. Once the Biden administration woke up and started addressing what was already a crisis, one of the largest producers of baby formula in the country, Abbott Nutrition, said it would be at least two months before any of their formula would reach the shelves for parents to use it to feed their babies, after a recall that shut down one of their plants in February.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a warning, after Russia invaded. He said, “Russia has blocked almost all ports and all, so to speak, maritime opportunities to export food – our grain, barley, sunflower and more. A lot of things. There will be a crisis in the world. The second crisis after the energy one, which was provoked by Russia,” reports Fox News. Zelenskyy continued, “[n]ow it will create a food crisis if we do not unblock the routes for Ukraine, do not help the countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, which need these food products.” 

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One of Putin’s top aides also issued a warning, saying, “[i]n fact, what America is trying to do with Ukraine now is to take out the grain reserves that Ukraine currently has in its possession – just another action that dooms Ukraine to serious humanitarian problems, but also dooms the global community to having big problems with hunger,” he said, reported Summit News.

“Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, David Beasley, executive director at the UN World Food Programme, warned the world’s food security conditions are ‘worse’ than what was observed during Arab Spring over a decade ago.” Reports Zero Hedge. “What happens when you take a nation [Ukraine] that normally feeds 400 million people and sideline that … it’s devastating to global food security,” Davos warned.

The Executive Director for the UN World Food Programme Tweeted: “Kicking off #WEF22 in #Davos. With a devastating global hunger crisis at our doorstep, it is all hands on deck to pull millions back from the brink of famine. We need EVERYONE’s help to save lives today: from world leaders to the private sector and billionaires!!”

Fox News reports, Ukraine “produces a substantial amount of the global food supply, including between 25% and 30% of the world’s grain supply along with Russia.” 

Gro Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and public and private data to predict food supply trends. reported Fox News. Menker said that the Russia-Ukraine war added “fuel” to what was already going on. “Without aggressive global actions, we stand the risk of an extraordinary amount of human suffering and economic damage.” she said.

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Again, this sounds so much like what has happened in the United States with the ongoing baby formula crisis. There were already supply chain issues, when Abbott Nutrition first recalled some formula, then closed the plant where it came from. The FDA knew about the problem long before the recall. The rest snowballed from there, while Biden did nothing. Now, babies are being hospitalized and parents are panicked. As we all should be, given what Menker is saying. Will Biden address this impending food shortage before it becomes a crisis here? Should he be doing more to encourage peace between Russia and Ukraine?

Stacey Warner

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