Mayor of San Francisco to Boycott Pride Parade

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This is a story that may surprise you. It’s about a mayor in a very liberal city, not following the radical agenda. Surprising, right?

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has announced that she will not participate in this year’s Pride Parade in June. Her reason: the organizers have banned uniformed police officers from marching in the parade.

The group’s hosts, San Francisco Pride, started the ban in 2020, using the excuse of the riots following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Pride Parade was canceled last year due to Covid concerns.

Now, the group says they won’t allow uniformed police officers to march in the Pride Parade due to “safety concerns” reports NBC News. Apparently, uniformed police officers are a safety concern for people in the LGBTQ community. Officers can participate, but they have to wear a department T-shirt, not a uniform.

Of the decision by San Francisco Pride Mayor Breed said, “One of the central planks of the movement for better policing is a demand that the people who serve in uniform better represent the communities they are policing. We can’t say, ‘We want more Black officers,’ or ‘We want more LGBTQ officers,’ and then treat those officers with disrespect when they actually step up and serve,” according to NBC News.

But there’s more.

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Now, not only is the Mayor boycotting the Pride Parade, so are all police and Sheriff’s deputies, as well as other city officials. Mayor Breed said, “let’s be clear about who we are talking about: brave women and men who not only have the courage to put on their uniforms and go out and risk their lives every day to serve our city, but who also have the courage to do so as openly out women and men in uniform.”

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It’s good to see the Mayor of San Francisco standing up for our women and men in blue. Maybe this is a good sign that some liberals are finally seeing the light and admitting how valuable law enforcement officers are. What do you think of Mayor Breed’s decision?

Stacey Warner

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