Kellyanne Conway Asks:  Where Are Biden and Harris and Why Aren’t They Working to Fix America’s Problems?

Kellyanne Conway speaks with Fox News
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Kellyanne Conway was instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected as President of the United States.  As the first female to ever run a successful Presidential campaign, and having worked during his Presidency, she understands the level of work it takes. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, however, apparently don’t. 

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Kellyanne Conway has just put out a book, so she’s appearing everywhere to promote it lately. Her book, titled Here’s the Deal, is already a bestseller.  Amazon describes it, in part, like this: “In Here’s The Deal, Kellyanne takes you on a journey all the way to the White House and beyond with her trademark sharp wit, raw honesty, and level eye. It’s all here: what it’s like to be dissected on national television. How to outsmart the media mob. How to outclass the crazy critics. How to survive and succeed male-dominated industries. What happens when the perils of social media really hit home. And what happens when the divisions across the country start playing out in one’s own family.”

Conway is now asking where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are and why aren’t they at work?  She says Biden is at the beach and Harris is nowhere on the weekends, reports Fox News.  

Kellyanne basically laid out exactly what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be doing right now, to improve both their polling and America, and that’s to come up with a plan and work it.  She said, “They are so disconnected from the American people. They don’t even show up at a small business. They don’t give a speech. He literally goes to the beach. Vice President Harris is nowhere on the weekends.”

Basically, she says, even Democrats are asking what the heck is Biden doing for America? “…[O]only about 56% of Democrats [are] saying they approve of his handling of inflation, 51% on gas prices. So even members of his own party are saying, wake up, Joe Biden. Tell us what’s happening. All these reports now, he’s upset that there aren’t enough people on TV talking on his behalf, that they’re costing him. It’s not a messaging problem, folks. It’s a fact problem.” 

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It’s not okay to just give up when you’re President and Vice President of the United States. Democrats had such high expectations for old Joe, and he has failed abysmally, with Harris right along side him. Do you think they’d ever take Kellyanne Conway’s advise?

Stacey Warner

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