Report Proves Plainclothes Members Were Embedded In J6 Protesters Wearing Rainbow Armbands

Electronic Surveillance agents were wearing rainbow wristbands to identify each other in the crowds on January 6.
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According to a report obtained by The Epoch Times, an unknown number of “plainclothes” Metropolitan Police Department Electronic Surveillance Unit “members” were embedded in crowds surrounding the January 6 breach of the Capitol.

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According to the The First Amendment Demonstrations report, law enforcement agents were in the crowd to “document the actions of the demonstrators and MPD’s response to any civil disobedience or criminal activity.”

Previously, Senate Republicans have asked for proof that the FBI or other authorities took part in the events of January 6th previously, but now we finally have some evidence that there was law enforcement involvement in the crowds that day. Watch Ted Cruz ask the FBI about their involvement in January.

The report was issued on January 3, 2021, before the Capitol breach, by MPD Chief Of Police Robert Contee, says the Homeland Security Bureau, Special Operations Division.

According to a Senior Analyst for Strategy at the Center for Security Policy, J. Michael Waller, the bombshell report “raises a lot of questions.”

“While it is admittedly an important type of unit to have in the nation’s capital, electronic surveillance requires warrants,” Waller told The Epoch Times. “The word surveillance itself implies intrusive rather than passive monitoring of people, in which case it would be required for the police to get warrants to conduct electronic surveillance on people.”

“What kind of warrants were asked for and under which jurisdiction? Were they issued? If not, why? Are such warrants necessary for the type of surveillance this unit was doing and how does it work? This raises a huge amount of questions about an entirely new kind of surveillance unit by the police chief of the nation’s capital.”

Waller previously gave his eyewitness account of seeing several groups using the crowds at the Capitol as cover “to stage its attack.” He wrote about seeing on that day plainclothes militants, agents-provocateurs, fake Trump protesters, and disciplined attackers wearing tactical gear.

The report does not indicate how many members were in the crowd from the ESU. However, one fact in the report is even more notable. There is no indication that the plainclothes members were “police” as they were never referred to as such in the report.

Waller further questioned this and pontificated if they were “contractors” or “paid agents.”

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The undercover surveillance units also recognized each other by wearing rainbow-colored bracelets “on their left wrist” for easy identification in the crowds.

On January 4, 2021, MPD dispatched 28 Civil Disturbance Unit platoons to respond to the protests in addition to the ESU. These included K-9 units, air units, and additional riot control officials.

Earlier this year, Senator Tom Cotton also asked about whether plainclothes officers were among the crowd. Assistant AG Mathew Olsen said he was “not aware” of them being in attendance at the time.

We keep on finding out more about what actually happened the day of January 6th, but there is still more that we do not know. How involved were authorities during the protest and the subsequent breach of the Capitol? This has yet to be answered. There’s one thing we know for sure. The only way we will know the truth is if Conservatives take back the House and start to investigate what really happened that day. Do you think authorities were involved in pushing people breach the building? Let us know your thoughts.

Report Proves Plainclothes Members Were Embedded In J6 Protesters Wearing Rainbow Armbands

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