John Eastman Had Phone Seized By Federal Agents

Trump's former attorney John Eastman was searched and seized by the FBI as part of the Department of Justice's probe.
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According to a new court filing, the FBI seized the phone of President Donald Trump’s former election attorney John Eastman last week.

On Monday, Eastman filed a lawsuit in New Mexico which detailed the FBI’s search and seizure. Eastman called it improper. The revelation revealed in the documents shows that the Justice Department is still continuing to pursue a criminal probe into former Trump officials.

Here’s the video of Eastman being approached outside a restaurant in New Mexico while dining with his wife. The agents can be seen taking the phone from the holster on his belt.

On Monday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed Eastman and discussed the details of the FBI’s seizure. In the interview, the attorney compares Biden to the British Kingdom lording over the American colonies.

In the video on Tucker’s show, Eastman told the host that he was patted down and had his cell phone seized by agents that “forced” him to unlock his phone.

At this time, Eastman has not been charged with a crime, but authorities want access to his phone records between him and former President Trump surrounding the events of January 6.

Eastman is now asking a judge to force the Justice Department to return his phone, destroy their records and stop spying on it.

The Supreme Court has ruled on investigators being able to seize cell phone data as long as they have a court subpoena. Eastman will likely not get all of his data back nor win his case.

Eastman is alleged to have developed the plan to get former Vice President Mike Pence to block the Congressional certification of election results in 2020. He plead the Fifth 100 times during his questioning by the House select committee on January 6.

The witch hunt has never stopped going after Trump. It’s obvious that they will never stop in their search to turn Trump into the great American boogeyman. They will undoubtedly never stoop until after the 2024 election. Do you think Trump’s people are being unfairly targeted?

John Eastman Had Phone Seized By Federal Agents

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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