A Children’s Orchestra Makes Getting Stuck on a Plane A Little Better

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Travel delays and cancellations have almost become the norm these days, ever since the pandemic. It can be very frustrating to get to the places we want or need to go. One recent flight entailed a long delay on the tarmac, which is one of the worst, until a children’s orchestra made it just a little bit better.

Recently, while a commercial airplane was sitting on the tarmac for what turned out to be a 90-minute delay, the flight attendants used some of the passengers to entertain everyone while they waited. It was a children’s orchestra out of Nashville that was traveling to Germany and Croatia to perform.

The children are part of Music City Strings, a group of kids from 10 to 17 years of age. They played a popular song from Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, Rocky Top, being that they are from Tennessee.

Music City Strings was established in 2005 in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. It is a “nonprofit organization that conducts classes, workshops, and public performances to foster high level music education for the students of middle Tennessee,” according to it website.

Elaine Krell, from Music City Strings, said playing helped distract the kids from the plight of their lengthy delay. Ella Goggins noted how there were people who spoke all different languages on the plane that day, but that the music was able to bring joy to everyone.

Here’s more from Music City Strings:

Courtesy of Huckabee’s Jukebox via YouTube.com

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If you have to sit on an airplane for 90 minutes on the tarmac, this would be a good way to pass the time. It might have been a helpful way for the kids, to practice, too. Would you have enjoyed this if you were stuck on a plane?

Stacey Warner

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