CRINGE: Woke Democrat uses box of crayons to describe race relations

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This is embarrassing. A woke California Democrat explains how crayons are like people. You are not going to want to miss this. Things tend to get awkward when woke white Democrats try to pander to non-white audiences. I mean, have you ever seen a Democrat explain why voter ID laws are racist, or any Democrat running for office who gets on a soap box to explain how “in tune” they are with minority communities. Cringeworthy does not even come close to the reality of those statements.

Washington free beacon writes. Former state lawmaker Christy Smith, who unsuccessfully ran twice for Katie Hill’s congressional seat, was outrageously out of place at the church celebrating its 20th anniversary. As Smith took the stage, the music stopped, and the crowd went silent as he told a bizarre story about crayons and racial harmony.

These  out-of-touch comparisons and analogies used by democrats to try to entice minority communities to continue voting for them not only feels disingenuine but forced. Who can forget that when our First Lady Dr. Jill Biden said last month.

The Guardian writes.  As a member of the UnidosUS civil rights and advocacy organization, Jill Biden made remarks comparing Latino diversity to breakfast tacos. National Association of Hispanic Journalists said: “We are not tacos” after condemning the statement and mispronunciation of “bodegas”. Our heritage as Latinos is shaped by various diasporas, cultures and food traditions. Do not reduce us to stereotypes.”

It is painful to watch how these politicians change the words they use, accent, and try to include phrases or words that they cannot pronounce or let alone understand. People in general can usually tell when someone is being genuine or not. Given any situation where someone is speaking to another person, it’s usually pretty instantly obvious if that person is being their genuine self or is trying to pander to a certain community. Democrats tend to not realize when people catch on to them, and when that happens it is not only sad, but often hilarious.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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