Trump SMASHES RINO As Rumors of 2024 Challenge Circulate

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 A RINO anti-Trumper is looking to enter the 2024 presidential election.

One thing we all know is that there will be a wide variety of candidates entering into the 2024 Republican Presidential primary. Today we’re going to talk about one person in particular, who is hoping to enter into the fray. 

Daily caller writes. Term-limited out of Annapolis after the 2022 midterms, Larry Hogan is one of the most popular governors in the country. Many predict he will run for president, seeking to fill a moderate, anti-Trump lane in a party still led by Trump.  In spite of the fact that Larry Hogan is not running for re-election, he did vocally support a candidate for his state’s governorship, who is a staunch never-Trump supporter.

Now as Trump proxy battles rage across the country during this primary cycle, Trump fired back at Larry Hogan during the Maryland gubernatorial race.

The hill writes. Former President Trump denounced Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan as a Republican in name only (RINO) ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, when GOP officials backed by each man will compete for the party’s nomination.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump referred to Hogan as a “Shutdown RINO” because he implemented statewide lockdowns. “Maryland, tomorrow is a big day. Get out and vote for Dan Cox for Governor,” Trump said in a statement. “Get rid of Shutdown RINO Larry Hogan who is trying to get another RINO into office, Kelly Schulz.”  

Lets see Larry Hogan’s response to his epic defeat. (SEE VIDEO HERE)

For someone who said that Republicans would be fleeing from President Trump, sure just got his candidates but kicked in the Republican primary. Now we hope he just learned the major object lesson Trump just taught him. Time will tell.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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