FAT CAMPS To Fight Climate Change? New Study Claims It’s turning kids into lazy, obese slobs

FAT CAMPS To Fight Climate Change? New Study Claims It’s turning kids into lazy, obese slobs
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These climate conspiracy theorists are at it again. The crazy woke left now is trying to tell people that climate change is making our kids fat. 

According to new    “Research” , the virus and climate change are to blame for our nations children being obese.

The post millennial writes: According to a study cited on CBS Mornings on Saturday, climate change is contributing to the growing trend of obesity among children in America, since increased heat forces them to stay indoors, consume more calories, and adopt sedentary habits.

Apparently according to the bonkers report, obesity now causes more climate change as well. 

Market watch writes. Climate Change Researchers say obesity complicates climate-change efforts, especially as the Earth’s population grows by 83 million people every year. 

They claim these are contributing factors to Climate Change, a combination of higher metabolism leading to more carbon dioxide, an additional increase in carbon-dioxide emissions from greater food and drink consumption, and the extra output of emissions from fossil fuel-powered transportation.

Not only that but they claim, “obesity is associated with approximately 20% more greenhouse gas emissions compared to people considered to have a healthier weight.”

In order to combat what they claim is an existential threat, will adherents of the Climate Change religion now allow fat shaming? Alternatively, will they mandate caloric intake globally? How about rounding up the obese and putting them in fat camps?

When the left wants to make excuses and fear monger nothing is off limits. Even the CBS anchor was highly skeptical of the report. Until you conform to their world view, they will stop at nothing to push their climate change agenda.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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