Jim Accosta RETURNS. And Now He’s Targeting Andrew Yang? Here’s Why

Jim Accosta RETURNS. And Now He’s Targeting Andrew Yang? Here’s Why
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Andrew Yang proposes a third political party for the United States, one that has a lot of points from both sides of the aisle. Now CNN’s hack reporter Jim Acosta is attacking.

Jim Acosta is running cover for the Democrat party again in hopes of tanking Andrew Yang’s latest mission to create a viable 3rd party. To those of us paying attention, the American way of politics and governing seems broken.  Andrew yang intends to fix that while and democrat operatives feel threatened. 

Red State reports. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang appeared on CNN on Sunday to discuss his tweets criticizing the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and his new Forward Party. Acosta asked Yang a number of tricky questions during the ten-minute interview. Yang struggled to provide clear answers. In response to a question about the Mar-a-Lago search, Yang responded that he thought it was “ok” for Trump to have “top secret documents.” 

Let’s watch the heated exchange. 

Of course, we have little information about the nature of the documents in question and this was just a CNN dig at Yang for taking an unapproved talking point on the matter.

For more on this new party Brookings asked? Is it finally time for Americans to have a third party? Certainly, Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential candidate, and Christine Todd Whitman, a former Republican governor of New Jersey, believe so. With the stated objective of promoting more moderate politics and candidates, they have founded the Forward Party.

The evidence they have supports their hopes. Recent research by Pew Research Center found that unfavorable views of both parties have increased from 6% in 1994 to 27% today.

Many might agree that America needs  a third political party or even a fourth  party. I personally could do with less socialism and more freedom. One major thing is clear that both the Republican and Democrat parties are fracturing, who knows what can happen in the future.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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