WATCH! Huge Gap in Wall Closed! Doug Ducey Points to Successful Strategy

WATCH! Huge Gap in Wall Closed! Doug Ducey Points to Successful Strategy
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Governor Doug Ducey (R) of Arizona has endorsed the new border barrier he says will close a huge gap in wall construction. The gap filling will help deter further illegal border crossings and reduce CBP’s workload.

The illegal border crossings in Yuma Arizona have been wild but finally the gaps have been filled!

According to the Daily Mail, Over the weekend, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey celebrated the completion of the state’s new border barrier.

In a Twitter post Monday, Ducey showed off the temporary barrier near Yuma, which is nearly a quarter-mile long. In the before picture, construction vehicles can be seen in the background and the ground is empty. A series of double-stacked shipping containers topped with razor wire is seen in the after picture. Construction began on Friday, and the project was completed over the weekend.

According to KAWC, the Yuma construction is the first of a series of gaps that will be filled by the state. The state’s next target is a gap outside Yuma near the Morelos Dam, the outlet reported.

In late July, the Biden administration announced it would close the gaps Arizona is filling.

Arizona Department of Homeland Security Director Tim Roemer said that the state is confident its decisions will hold up to legal scrutiny saying, “Even the federal government has said these gaps must be filled, they’re just not doing it,” “Their failure to act is what’s driving our sense of urgency right now. So, it would be very hypocritical for them to take action against us when they’re saying it needs to be done.”

This move by Ducey is necessary and will help prevent more mass illegal immigration into the U.S. The country has already seen record breaking numbers this year and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing anytime soon.

According to The New York Post, the number of migrants arrested at the US-Mexico border has already surpassed last year’s record – and is on pace to top 2 million for the first time.

As a result of ongoing controversy surrounding the governors of Texas and Arizona sending busloads to New York and Washington in protest of the Biden administration’s border policies, which they say have contributed to a surge in illegal border crossings, the record-breaking numbers were released.

The invasion at our southern border is out of control and Doug Ducey is doing something to slow it down. The rate of illegal migration is unsustainable and more conservatives leaders need to step up and fight this now!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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