Furious Gaetz and Clyde completely ANNIHILATE the Democrat’s arguments on economics

Furious Gaetz and Clyde completely ANNIHILATE the Democrat's arguments on economics
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The liberals are at it again, trying to tax and spend their way to a better society. But this time they’ve met their match with Representative Matt Gaetz and Andrew Clyde standing up to them and destroying their arguments.

With inflation skyrocketing and the lack of common sense among Democrat leadership in D.C. it is good to have some people with sound minds out there to bring the liberals back to reality..

Trending politics writes. The economy is in crisis and a recession is fast approaching, if it isn’t already here. The idea of passing new taxes, hiring thousands of IRS agents to audit average Americans, and spending money on nonsense hardly seems like a good idea, especially since one of those taxes will fall on petroleum producers at a time when gas prices are already sky high. However, Democrats are doing exactly that. Apparently, AOC was asleep when she earned her economic degree.

Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde argued that Democrats are either so stupid they don’t understand basic economics or that they are just using the “Inflation Reduction Act” as a smokescreen to push through their green energy plans, because they are taxing and spending at a time when the economy is on the verge of collapse. Clyde Stated, “When you inject $740 billion, almost three-quarters of a trillion dollars, into the economy, you’re going to increase inflation. That’s just the way Economics 101 works. I mean, the Democrats obviously don’t understand economics.” 

Rep Mat Gaetz was on the attack also this week when it comes to government spending, and the irs.

Next News Network reported. Matt Gaetz went after the IRS for spending $700,000 on ammunition. Gaetz has also gone after Biden and Democrats for a tax and spend culture, that is spending us into oblivion.

Lets hear his point

One more

It’s good to see Andrew Clyde and Matt Gaetz really hitting home on the point when it comes to the government’s tax and spend culture. What is really terrifying is that the Democrats in DC don’t seem to understand that when you print more money, all that does is create inflation. They’re printing more money now, and inflation is going so high that they now have to hire 87000 additional IRS Agents to take the money back out of our pockets. This is absolutely frightening, and it’s time for something to be done about it. These politicians need to be held accountable for their actions, and we need to make sure that they understand the serious ramifications of their policies. Otherwise, we’re going to end up in a very precarious situation indeed.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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