With one move Abbott Creates Army of BOUNTY HUNTERS To Round up ILLEGALS

With one move Abbott Creates Army of BOUNTY HUNTERS To Round up ILLEGALS
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 Texas Governor offering cash rewards for turning in cartel stash houses, and illegal immigrants.

Things are bad along the southern border, and Gregg Abbott is doing everything in his power to keep his state safe and secure. He recently announced a policy that would offer financial compensation for turning in drug smugglers, and illegal immigrants.

Daily Caller writes. The governor of Texas is offering thousands of dollars to people who report stash houses used to hide illicit drugs and illegal migrants.

According to Abbott’s office, people who report information on stash houses used by transnational cartels evading detection will receive $5,000.

Abbott said in a statement. “As President Biden’s dangerous open border policies continue to allow cartels and other criminal organizations to operate freely in our communities, it is more important than ever that Texans step up and report suspicious activity. DPS and local law enforcement partners are working around the clock to prevent transnational crimes from being committed in communities around the state,”

Governor Greg Abbott has taken his crusade to save his state nation wide, and is dishing what he is being served in his home state to sanctuary cities.

New York Post writes. Despite being the latest Democratic destination for busloads of border-crossers, Chicago’s progressive mayor accuses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of racism and the Trump administration of “human cruelty.”

Late Wednesday night, Lori Lightfoot made the heated remarks as two buses carrying 75 migrants from Texas arrived.

Despite this, the liberal lawmaker failed to mention that President Biden’s immigration policies were largely responsible for the surge at the southern border.


Governor Abbott is leading the charge in keeping his state safe and secure, like any good Governor should be doing, Keep it up Governor.

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