After Illegal Alien Break-Ins You Won’t Believe What This Texas Business Owner Was Forced To Do

After Illegal Alien Break-Ins You Won't Believe What This Texas Business Owner Was Forced To Do
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The Southern Border crisis continues to wreak havoc on our country every single day. Americans are directly suffering as a result of Biden’s immigration policy and business owners are speaking out.

This business owner’s story is heartbreaking.

According to Fox News. A business owner near the U.S. southern border said her honky-tonk was broken into five times since February, forcing her to sell it.

Selena Buentello Price said migrants arriving in Eagle Pass often seek shelter in vacant buildings. The restaurant in her family, which had been shuttered since the COVID-19 outbreak, was a popular stop for the migrants.

Customs and Border Protection reports 375,000 migrant encounters along the Del Rio sector of the southern border, including Eagle Pass. According to Price, migrants have “completely overrun” the small town, making residents and business owners feel unsafe.

One evening, Price encountered an intruder on her property and reached a breaking point. The business owner called police, but the trespasser fled before they arrived.

Price also told Fox News that migrants frequently cut her fences, allowing her livestock to escape from their enclosures, forcing her to sell her horses and cattle.

This problem has gotten so bad that leaders are shipping migrants out of their towns.

According to Fox News. To deal with record migration on the southern border, El Paso’s Democrat mayor began busing migrants to other cities. After busing migrants to the northeast, President Biden criticized Republican governors for “playing politics.”

In spite of the record number of border crossings, Vice President Kamala Harris said last week that “the border is secure.”

This statement by the Vice President is not only flat out wrong, it’s evil. American citizens are suffering everyday as a result of this open border and her refusal to acknowledge the problem will only delay fixing it. This administration cares more about criminals than U.S citizens and its shameful.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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