Watch this Shocking Video to see what could happen if you get caught trafficking fentanyl!

Watch this Shocking Video to see what could happen if you get caught trafficking fentanyl!
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 Republican lawmakers have finally taken the major stand when it comes to combating the overdose crisis here in America, and it has deadly consequences for those bringing the drug to our soil.

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For years fentanyl has been pouring across our borders uncontrollably. Now Republican lawmakers are pushing the death penalty for anyone caught transporting the deadly drug into America.

Washington examiner reports. GOP members want tougher penalties to combat the fentanyl crisis, including life sentences for those convicted of trafficking fentanyl or death sentences for those convicted of selling and distributing the drug.

A memo sent to the largest conservative coalition in the House claims the crisis has worsened under Democrats’ watch because of President Joe Biden’s “open border policies.”

To respond to the fentanyl crisis, the Republican Study Committee proposed 6 bills. The bills proposed include mandatory minimum sentences, life in prison, and the death penalty. 

This move by Republican lawmakers comes after reports show that a new strain of the drug fentanyl is making its way into America. 

Next News Network reported. The DEA stressed that we need a comprehensive plan with strong partnerships and coordination between federal, state, local law enforcement agencies because this new drug is a serious threat to public safety and it cannot be allowed to enter our country. 

Fentanyl in small doses of less than a gram can instantly kill those who come into contact with it, and thousands of pounds of fentanyl come across our border each month. It is the absolute right thing to do when calling for the death penalty on those people who bring death to our nation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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