Kathy Hochul Caught Lying Again About Her Opponent’s Views on Abortion

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 Kathy Hochul is busted lying again, all in attempts to sway voters and retain her power as the worst Governor in New York history.

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In this video I’m going to show you something that you’re not going to believe, oh wait it involves Kathy Hochul so nothing is beyond the pale. Kathy Hochul has been caught lying again about her opponent’s views on abortion. This time it was blasted across the internet and TV waves and she was called out by the other candidate. You have to see this to believe it.

Post Millennial writes. On Wednesday, New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul falsely accused her opponent Republican Rep Lee Zeldin of pledging “to ban abortion without exceptions.”

Hochul tweeted, “Governors are the last line of defense to protect our reproductive rights — and Lee Zeldin has pledged to ban abortion without exceptions.” She continued, “We can’t let him roll back our reproductive rights. On November 8th, we will reject his extremism.”

According to Zeldin’s campaign, he acknowledges that abortion will remain legal in the state and that the New York Legislature would never pass a bill making abortion illegal.

Since the draft opinion of the Supreme Court decision leaked in the spring, Zeldin has maintained a consistent stance on the issue.

The false claim continues to be spread in Hochul’s television campaign ads not only in Manhattan, but across the state as well.



This debacle comes after Hochul was publicly rejected by a county sheriff.

Next news network reports. A group of New York sheriffs has vowed not to aggressively enforce the state’s new strict gun laws, arguing that the new law “unfairly targets law-abiding citizens.”

Speaking with Fox and Friends on Tuesday, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino expressed concerns over the new law, which seeks to ban guns in “sensitive areas” like Times Square, religious centers, and subways.


It’s time to cleanse the Governor’s Mansion of its resident liar, Kathy Hochul. Once again, she has been caught spreading false information about her opponent’s views on abortion in an attempt to maintain her position of power. Hochul clearly values her own agenda over transparency and honesty, qualities that are crucial in good leadership. New York deserves better than a leader who will stoop so low as to lie about an issue as important as abortion rights. Don’t be fooled by Hochul’s deceitful campaign ads – don’t vote for a liar. Instead, let’s make a change and kick Hochul out of office on November 6th. It’s time to purge the poison she has brought upon the New York state government. It’s time for a new Governor who values truth above political gain. Let’s make it happen.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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