WATCH: White Man DENIES Being a WHITE MAN During Democrat Mayoral Debate

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 In this video, a white man DENIES being a white man during a Democrat mayoral debate and it’s hilarious.

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Hey guys, in this video we have a white man who is denying that he is white and it’s hilarious. During a Democrat mayoral debate, Caruso is up on stage and when questioned about being white, starts talking about how he isn’t really white. This is one video you don’t want to miss.

Daily wire reports. Democratic Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso objected to being described as a “white man” during a debate on Tuesday evening. Caruso, a former Republican running as a moderate Democrat, is facing off with Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), a far-left black woman, for incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti’s position.

When Caruso was questioned on his whiteness, he responded….yea watch.

While that was a bid hard to swallow, some celebrities are strongly backing Caruso, over his far left woke opponent.

Rick Caruso, the billionaire developer and former Republican who is now running as a Democrat against Congresswoman Karen Bass in the Los Angeles mayoral election, has seen a slew of celebrity endorsements. Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the celebrities to have endorsed Caruso in the mayoral race, which the real estate mogul has reportedly spent more than $23 million funding.

It seems that Wokeness has become a contagious disease, and Rick Caruso may have caught it. During a mayoral debate, the former Republican turned Democrat had a bizarre moment where he rejected the label of “white man,” insisting that he is “Latin” due to his italian roots. Look, we get it. Woke culture says that being white means you are inherently oppressive and privileged. But denying your race just comes off as ridiculous and performative. In Caruso’s defense, at least he doesn’t still identify as a Republican. But with Woke Karen Bass also running for mayor of LA, Caruso better hope his celebrity endorsements can save him from accusations of not being “woke” enough. Because in the world we live in today, Wokeness trumps all common sense. And maybe it’s time society starts considering that Wokeness isn’t actually a good thing. After all, shouldn’t we just be accepting of all races and backgrounds instead of trying to reject our own? Especially when it’s clearly just for show. Sorry Rick, but denying your whiteness isn’t going to save your campaign. You might as well embrace it and come out on top as a confident white man instead of trying (and failing) to deny it.

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