The Far Left Is Driving Americans Away – Here’s What We Want Instead!

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Opinion polls show that a large majority of Republicans and Independents agree: America is going in the wrong direction. And they want to see a change. In November, they’re going to vote for it. The Democrats may have the media on their side, but conservative values still hold strong with the American people. They’re ready for a check and balance.

The Daily Wire writes, In a statement Sunday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) criticized leftist policies, alleging the American people are tired of the country’s far left shift.

Rep. Scalise praised the House Republicans’ Commitment to America agenda on Fox News Sunday and said the American people are looking for a “check and balance” against Democratic leadership’s leftist agenda.

As we previously reported, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America, introduced last month, outlines House Republicans’ priorities if they win control of the chamber in November.

A strong economy, a safe nation, a future built on freedom, and an accountable government are the four themes outlined in the GOP plan. The proposed agenda reduces inflation, makes America energy independent, and secures the border.

The policies pushed by the Democrats have become more and more radical and dangerous, with a focus on defunding the police and weakening our country’s national security. The American people have rejected these deadly ideas, instead searching for common sense solutions to the challenges we face. Especially with the looming threat of socialism on the horizon, it’s clear that America is ready for a change. And now, with the introduction of the Commitment to America by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, there is finally a clear plan for how we can bring sanity and stability back to our government. It’s time for a red wave to wash away the radicalism of the left and bring back American values. We’ve had enough of their destructive demagogy – it’s time for a new way forward.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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