CRINGE: Eric Swalwell’s New AD Is So Terrible It Looks Like an SNL Skit

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It has been said that the left cannot meme, but apparently the left sucks at making tv ads also.

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If you’re a conservative, you’ll probably wincing in pain watching Eric Swalwell’s new campaign ad. It’s so terrible, it looks like something you would see on a TV comedy show. But unfortunately, it’s not a skit – it’s Swalwell’s latest attempt to win over voters. If this is his idea of pandering, his failure is imminent. 

Washington Examiner reported. With a new campaign ad depicting a woman getting arrested for obtaining an abortion, Representative Eric Swalwell sent social media users into a frenzy. The ad shows police officers telling a mother she is under arrest before pulling their guns and restraining her while her baby is heard crying in the background. Using the MAGA battle cry, “#LockHerUp,” Swalwell said the video shows the reality of what Trump-aligned Republicans want women to face.

Let’s watch this horse crap ad.

Swalwell is always trying to go viral on social media.

Next News Network reported. Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (R-CA) was interviewed on MSNBC and asked by Nicole Wallace questions about how America should proceed after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.


Swalwell exists in his own universe. As a congressman up for re-election, Eric Swalwell should know better than to release a campaign ad as ridiculous and offensive as this one. By depicting a woman being dragged away by police for obtaining an abortion, Swalwell displays his desperation to scare voters into supporting him. But even more disgraceful is the fact that he somehow believes this scenario to be a reality that Trump-aligned Republicans would support. In truth, it is nothing more than an outlandish lie and a poor attempt at shock value. Swalwell’s decision to use fear mongering tactics only serves to discredit him and his campaign. It’s truly a shame that he has stooped so low in an effort to gain attention, making it clear that he is not fit to hold public office.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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