WATCH: Beekeeper’s ingenious way of stopping eviction by police!

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And just when I thought I’d seen it all. A beekeeper took matters into her own hands with a STING OPERATION unleashing an angry swarm of bees on cops to stop a local resident’s eviction. 

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It’s the stuff of movies: A beekeeper uses a swarm of bees to stop an eviction by the police. But this really happened! This brave beekeeper refused to let a home be taken, and used nature’s own defenders to stand up to the authorities. Who knows—maybe this will inspire others to use natural forms of resistance against evictions and other injustices. Nature always finds a way!

Ny Post reports, According to Hampden County Sheriff officials, Rorie Woods, 55, of Hadley, IMG1>>  turned her hives into weapons outside Alton King Jr.’s $1.5 million Springfield home where demonstrators gathered to protest his eviction on Oct. 12. After jumping out of a trailer attached to an SUV, the bee lady allegedly began shaking several hives causing hundreds of insects to swarm and sting police officers. Several cops were allergic and one had to “retreat” after she was stung in the face, according to sheriff Daniel Soto.

Woods was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon along with disorderly conduct. She pleaded not guilty. King was in court at the time of the un-bee-lievable arrest, trying to delay his eviction, the outlet reported. In 2018, King was served a 72-hour notice to vacate the home but a court battle broke out. At the time, he owed $1.2 million on the property.

The eviction moratorium that started during the pandemic has ended, allowing millions of people to be evicted.

Next News Network reported. Homelessness is about to increase. According to AP. Cities from Anchorage to New Orleans have ended or are winding down their hotel programs, which offered a good alternative to packed homeless shelters amid the spread of COVID-19. Now thousands of residents of these motel programs could face homelessness

Take a look at this hotel/apartment complex  in Compton that recently evicted 100% of all residents.


Bee careful out there, folks. You never know when a beekeeper might be around to stop an eviction with their army of buzzers. This woman definitely took matters into her own hands in what can only be described as a “sting operation.” And let this be a cautionary tale: don’t mess with a bee’s nest. One sheriff learned that the hard way after reportedly getting stung in the face and multiple officers experiencing allergic reactions. But hey, at least the residents got to stay in their homes. I guess you could say everything turned out sweet as honey for them. So, remember, when it comes to bees – don’t disturb the nest and definitely don’t get stung. Or else you might find yourself on the receiving end of a beekeeper’s sting operation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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