Karine Jean-Pierre Tries to Duck Out of Owning Up to Record High Border Encounter

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Karine Jean Pierre is caught flat footed yet again as reporters are asking what the official explanation is for the failed United States Southern Border.

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The Biden administration since rolling back all the Trump era policies, has allowed the most illegal immigrants to come across our southern border in history. Yet every time someone tries to hold them accountable, they dodge and duck the questions. 

Town hall reports. At a late night news dump on Friday, Customs and Border Protection finally released the number of Border Patrol encounters for September, which showed a record number. As Townhall noted, Border Patrol agents encountered an alarming number of suspected terrorists. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, held a briefing on Monday during which she answered questions about these numbers. As usual, she was unable to provide a satisfactory answer. 


The late night drop from border patrol contained the number of encounters for the month of September. Over 227,000 illegal immigrants had encounters with border patrol, and that brings the yearly total over 2.4 MILLION encounters by the border patrol. 

More shocking information has come from that late night dump of data from the border patrol, one that should concern every American.

Townhall writes. 

A calculated, late Friday night news dump over the weekend revealed that an alarming and increasing number of suspected terrorists are entering the United States through the southern border with Mexico.  During fiscal year 2022, Border Patrol agents encountered 98 suspected terrorists. The number was 15 in 2021. In 2020, it was three, and in 2019, it was zero. 

We need a secure border, and the Biden administration is failing America. Karine Jean Pierre is a liar who tries to duck out of owning up to the record high border encounters. The Trump administration had the right policies in place, and we need to return to them. Joe Biden is weak on immigration, and we are paying the price. Over 2.4 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended this year, and it’s only going to get worse. We need to build the wall, and we need to do it now. Otherwise, our country will be overrun by people who don’t respect our laws or our way of life.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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