MSNBC Panel Goes OFF-THE-RAILS, Wait Until You See What They Said Now – It’s OUTRAGEOUS

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The Democrats have gone too far this time. Calling anyone who wants to stop the crushing inflation an evil Nazi is way over the line. Well, I’m not a Nazi and I want to stop inflation just like you. Let’s send a message to the Democratic Party that we’re not going to take their lies anymore.

Red state reports. All polls and momentum are pointing to a GOP victory in the House in the midterms – and probably in the Senate as well. Democrats and their fellow travelers are getting desperate at this point. That’s even before any mention of them losing a host of other seats across the country. The crown for the nutty cake may just go to former Bush-Cheney Republican strategist–now a Democrat shill–Matthew Dowd. Why are the worst ones the establishment’s former Republican hacks? Inflation was Dowd’s top concern, so he decided to combine the talking points with it. With MSNBC Joy Reid talking about Republicans being fascists, it didn’t go well.

As you can imagine twitter had a field day with these shining examples of human beings.

The Dems are so out of control with their name calling that it’s just become a buzz. They know certain words will trigger the younger generation into voting, so they use those buzz words. Yet, as they are changing literally every definition they need to in order to control the minds of their base, they are doing exactly what the fascists and nazis did in order to control the population. It is mind blowing that the Democrat voter, and the little woke liberals won’t do 3 seconds of research on history and see that what they are doing, is literally the definition of fascism. They need to stop. America needs help and the Dems don’t even know what nazis are. Vote red.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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