Biden HUMILIATED After Guatemalan President BLASTS Him Over Illegal Immigrants

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With all the foreign leaders calling out the Biden administration over the last few weeks over the failed border policies, we can add one more major name to the list. 

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The border is in shambles, and over 2.3 Million illegals have crossed into America so far this year alone. Yet as Kamala Harris keeps lying to the American people about the existence of a crisis, other presidents are willing to step up and speak truth.

Daily Caller writes. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei said the Biden administration refused to provide Guatemala with the tools to deport illegal migrants heading to the US, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation from his presidential palace. 

Giammattei told the DCNF that he’d requested that the Biden administration move its deportation planes and buses to Guatemala for the country to use in returning illegal migrants to their home countries before they reach the U.S. He said it would save the Biden administration hefty costs of such large migration waves and allow migrants from far away places to go home immediately. Currently, Guatemala expels non-Central American illegal migrants to Honduras. Several illegal migrants from Afghanistan who were expelled to Honduras recently crossed back into Guatemala and reached Mexico in a matter of days, they told the DCNF.

The Biden administration refused the offer for aid.

Also during the interview President Giammattei had some choice words for Kamala Harris. Watch.

While KJP dodges questions to avoid Biden being held accountable for the problem he refuses to fix by giving aid to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

Town hall reports. A news dump last Friday by Customs and Border Protection showed the number of Border Patrol encounters for September, which showed a record number of 227,000 illegal immigrant encounters. That staggering number brings the yearly total up to over 2.3 MILLION illegal immigrants crossing into America this year alone. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, held a briefing on Monday during which she answered questions about these numbers. As usual, she was unable to provide a satisfactory answer. 


It’s sad and sickening that it takes foreign leaders to call out what is wrong in America, yet Biden’s press secretary will not give a straight answer. KJP refuses to answer questions while Kamala Harris continues to lie to the American people about there being no crisis, but the facts are clear. The border crisis is real, and it’s only getting worse. Drugs, crime, and fentanyl are pouring over the border, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop it. It’s time for them to be held accountable for their failures. We need to impeach Biden and put an end to this nightmarish border crisis.

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Next News Network Team

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