BREAKING: Trump Posts CRYPTIC Warning to Americans of Incoming HORROR

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Now, If you think things are difficult economically now, hold onto your butts. Unless a number of things drastically change within the next month, our supply chain is facing a perfect storm.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump shared an article by The Organic Prepper on Truth Social that should send every American into panic mode.

The Organic Prepper Writes, Since the Covid pandemic began affecting our supply chain in 2020, it’s been one thing after another. In March of that year, the shelves in America were cleared in one day, and things have never been the same since. There has been a complete shutdown of global shipping. Prices increased as well.

It was impossible for farmers to harvest their food or process it so that it could be delivered to supermarkets. As a result, prices increased. After that, the price of fuel skyrocketed. And the prices went up again.

We now face a new challenge in the form of what can only be described as a looming transportation collapse. Within the next month, two things will happen that will make what we’ve experienced so far seem easy.

First, there are less than 20 days left in our diesel fuel supply. Second, Biden has failed to reach an agreement with rail workers’ unions, which could lead to a strike on November 19th.

Diesel fuel shortages could be catastrophic. It could seriously hinder the transit of goods if trucks, trains, and ships run out of fuel.

As we previously reported, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson laid out exactly what will happen when we are officially out of diesel fuel.

Furthermore, home heating fuel is also affected by the diesel shortage.

The consequences of running out of diesel fuel would be catastrophic for our supply chain. It is possible that shelves will empty and cargo ships will divert from America to places where the goods have a better chance of arriving. As a result, the price of any good that has to be transported would skyrocket. It will cost significantly more if you can find it at all.

There is also the possibility of a rail strike. Biden and union representatives narrowly averted this crisis back in September. In Biden’s words, it was “an important win” for the American people, but it seems that it was only a temporary victory.

A strike is back on the table after the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division rejected the deal offered last month.

The plan called for a 24 percent pay increase by 2024, bringing average wages to $110,000 a year, and $1,000 annual bonuses for five years. Health-care co-pays and deductibles were also protected. Although union leaders had pushed for 15, only one paid sick day was included.

“Railroaders are discouraged and upset with working conditions and compensation and hold their employer in low regard. Railroaders do not feel valued,” BMWED President Tony D. Cardwell said in a statement. “They resent the fact that management holds no regard for their quality of life, illustrated by their stubborn reluctance to provide a higher quantity of paid time off, especially for sickness.”

We could face a railway shutdown if two of the biggest unions don’t vote. November 19th is the deadline for reaching an agreement.

So, the question is, how on earth do you prep for a transportation shutdown, especially after the past two and a half years? As a result of a depletion of supplies in stores and high prices, many of us have consumed most of our existing supplies, and Americans are in financial difficulty.

There is no way to buy your way out of this problem, unless you are one of the fortunate few.

This report isn’t intended to be an advertisement for survival foods but if you haven’t visited PREPAREWITHGARY.COM, now would be a good time to check it out and stock up on essentials for you and your loved ones.

Rather than focusing your resources on the things you can live without, consider what you truly need: medications, special foods for your health, and anything else you must have. Make sure you understand that this isn’t about “wants” and “comforts.” It’s about “needs.” If we’re lucky and the transportation problems are dealt with without a collapse, you’ll know you didn’t buy something you’ll never use.

For everything else, we will need to be the most adaptable and resilient versions of ourselves. Adapting to different options at the store, making do, and doing without will be necessary.

Do not take this news lightly. President Trump himself is sounding the alarm on a looming transportation collapse in our supply chain. Unless immediate action is taken, we could soon see shortages of diesel fuel and disruptions to the transit of goods. And who is to blame for this crisis? None other than Joe Biden. His failure to reinforce the Diesel supply and his lack of negotiation with rail workers’ unions may lead to a strike in just a few short weeks. It’s vital that we don’t delay – we need to prepare for the worst and find solutions now. The future of our economy hangs in the balance. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for sounding the warning and putting America’s needs first. Let’s hope Biden hears you before it’s too late. But I’m not going to wait for sleepy Joe to finish his Ice cream, I’m getting ready now.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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