Leaked Progressive Insurance Internal Memo Spells BAD NEWS After Pritzker/Lightfoot DESTROY Chicago

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Chicago crime is so bad that Progressive insurance is rethinking insuring property there, and they just notified their agents. Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General Thomas DeVore is now raising the alarm.

We caught up with Tom DeVore for comment on this startling move by Progressive Insurance and we’ll get to his exclusive remarks in a moment, but first let’s dig into what exactly is happening.

Now, If you’re a car owner who lives in Chicago, you may not know it yet but Progressive Insurance may drop your coverage. The company is warning its insurance agents about the increase in crime in the Lightfoot administration’s city and informing them they may no longer be able to insure certain vehicles in Chicago zip codes. According to Progressive, car thefts, break-ins and other crimes are on the rise, and drivers Will need to seek other insurance providers if they want their property protected.

Chicago’s crime rate has been on the rise, as a result of inaction from Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker. And with the SAF-T Act, or “PURGE ACT” as it’s known on the horizon, things are only going to get worse.

If you are not yet familiar with the SAfe-T ACT, I’ll let Congressional candidate and Orland Park Mayor get you up to speed:

Now let’s get to Tom DeVore.

In a post last night, Republican Attorney General candidate Tom DeVore, known for winning a landmark case for Illinois students forced to mask because of tyrant Governor JB Pritzker’s abuse of power, posted images of a Progressive Insurance internal memo sent to agents.

“Progressive Insurance got the memo on the SAFE T Act. They are telling agents cars can no longer be insured in certain parts of Chicago due to the crime and theft rates. This is coming to a community near you.”

These images were attached to the post.

Now it is unclear if Progressive is responding explicitly to the “Purge Act” but what is absolutely clear is they are responding to the out of control crime in Lightfoot’s Chicago.

We reached out to Mr. DeVore to expound on his post. He placed the blame directly at the feet of Jussie Smollett’s favolite State’s Attorney from Cook County, Kim Foxx.

Imagine, living in Chicago, you happen to own a specific car within one of the zipcodes and suddenly Progressive insurance hangs you out to dry, because of the out of control crime. Now you’re violating the law driving without insurance then you get into a car accident. These are the implications of the failed policies of Soros backed Kim Foxx’s soft-on-crime policies and Lori Lightfoot’s failures as a mayor as well as Governor Pritzker emboldening criminals by signing the “Purge Act” into law.

The leaked Progressive Insurance memo spells disaster for Chicago residents. Not only are they facing skyrocketing crime rates under Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker, but now their insurance coverage could be at risk as well. Progressive is warning its agents that they may no longer be able to insure certain vehicles in high crime zip codes. It’s time for Illinois to purge these ineffective, “woke” Democratic leaders and elect someone who will actually address the increasing violence in our state. That someone is Republican candidate for Attorney General Tom DeVore. We cannot afford to sit idly by and allow more of our fellow citizens to have their insurance canceled or their safety threatened. It’s time for a change, Illinois – vote Tom DeVore on November 8th.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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