Fetterman Gets Stabbed In the Back By The One Newspaper He Was Counting on – This is Bad

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How messed up does Fetterman’s campaign have to be to get shafted by his own home town’s newspaper? Just wow. 

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Things have gotten so bad for the Fetterman campaign that he cannot even get his home town’s newspaper to endorse him for his senate race. 

American outlook reports. Dr. Oz has been endorsed by Fetterman’s hometown newspaper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. People rarely pay attention to newspaper endorsements unless they make a surprising choice.

One of those cases is this one.

An excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reads “Mr. Fetterman’s life experience and maturity are also concerns. He has lived off his family’s money for much of his life. That has allowed him to do some good things, including mentoring disadvantaged young people and working to improve community policing and economic development in Braddock.

That work, along with his six-foot-eight frame, shaved head and tattoos, attracted national media attention. Still, Mr. Fetterman, despite his hoodies and shorts, has little experience in holding real jobs or facing the problems of working people.”

This news comes after Fetterman many health concerns and his decision making ability being called into question.

Town hall reports. Twenty days out from the general election, Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina took Democrats and the media to task for trying to sweep an incident, in which Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman held an innocent black jogger at gunpoint, under the rug.


Through holding an innocent black jogger at gun point, to not being able to follow a conversation without a teleprompter, Fetterman is looking more and more like a joke every day. Yet despite his many many shortcomings the liberal left refuses to back away from him. They know the consequences of having a minority in the Senate, and they will stop at nothing to keep the majority that they do have. The people of Pennsylvania need to get active, and get the vote out and elect Dr. Oz, we need a conservative majority in the senate to start undoing all the crazy stuff that Biden has been pushing through.

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Next News Network Team

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