WATCH: Media Mockingbirds Losing Their Minds As Election Outcome Becomes CLEAR

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Both MSNBC and ABC’s ‘The View’ this week went off the rails desperately trying to convince voters to vote Democrat in this upcoming midterm election.

Townhall reports, in an interview on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, presidential historian Michael Beschloss claimed Republican victories spell the end of democracy and the ability to record current events. His accusations then turned dark, including the arrests and murder of children if Republicans win.

Over on ABC’s ‘The View,’ legal analyst Sunny Hostin said suburban white women supporting Republicans are “like roaches” supporting RAID.

Both Michael Beschloss and Sunny Hostin were ridiculed for their remarks by many on Twitter.

Tim Young tweeted, “Sunny Hostin is a disgusting racist.”

Regarding Hostin, another Twitter user commented, “What a disgusting racist she has no business on tv!!!! Always trying to divide people!!!”

MSNBC guest Michael Beschloss was criticized for his remarks as well, with one Twitter user writing, “How does @MSNBC justify putting a certifiably insane person like Michael Beschloss on the air and allowing him to say these things?”

FOX News’ Steve Hilton called on the MSNBC guest to withdraw his remark, tweeting, “This mad, inflammatory rhetoric from the left has to stop. [Michael Beschloss] withdraw these reckless remarks.”

As I mentioned earlier in this report and in previous reports, as the data from different midterm polls continue to come in, it’s becoming clear that Republicans are on track to take back both the House and the Senate. Because of this, the liberal media is in full-blown panic mode. But the fact of the matter is, Democrats have done nothing but try to undermine American values and freedoms while holding the majority in office. They’ve put illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens, they’ve thrown hard-working taxpayers under the bus, and they’ve coddled criminals while persecuting law-abiding citizens. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a red wave. Vote Republican on Tuesday and help us take our country back!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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