Zeldin Strikes Hochul With FATAL Attack Add Every New Yorker NEEDS To See

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Lee Zeldin has dropped an absolute fatal last blow against Kath Hochul in his last campaign ad. You Do Not want to miss this. 

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Lee Zelding has proved time and again that Kahty Hochul and other liberal politicians will put their own liberal agendas before the citizens of New York.  Now his campaign has released a death knell for the Hocul Reign, as he puts her failures on crime front and center.

Fox news reports. A new campaign ad by Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, shows a 93-year-old woman “tortured and killed” at home by a no-bail suspect. Despite polling just a razor-thin margin behind Hochul less than a week before Election Day, Zeldin has repeatedly criticized Hochul for not repealing cashless bail. 

Watch Zeldin’s final blow to Kathy Hocul.

This is not the first time that Lee Zeldin has hit hard with his choice in campaign ads. Zeldin has previously called out his failed opponent and isn’t afraid to hurt feelings. 

Red state reported. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, dropped a new ad on Thursday, and it is a stunner. Zeldin has shown impressive results in a debate against the Democratic incumbent, and a new poll suggests he is ahead of Hochul by fractions of a percentage point.

Lee Zeldin doesn’t hold back in another recent ad he sent out ahead of the midterms calling out Kathy Hochul for the failure she really is.

Let’s Watch.

Lee Zeldin’s new campaign ad showing the gruesome reality of a 93-year-old woman being tortured and killed by a no-bail suspect is not only shocking, but it also highlights the clear failure of liberal policies in New York. The fact that Victoria Afet, the accused murderer, was just released from jail with no bail proves that Hochul and other liberal politicians are putting their own agendas before the safety of New Yorkers. Thankfully, there is hope for change if Zeldin becomes governor. He has repeatedly called for repealing cashless bail and ensuring public safety is a top priority. It’s time to vote for true justice and elect Lee Zeldin as governor of New York. Let’s put an end to these liberal failures once and for all.

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